Friday Favorites - January 5, 2018

Friday, January 5, 2018

One of my blog goals this year is to link up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites more often! This is one of my favorite posts to do so, plan to see it hopefully, every week! 

The New Year! Although I tend to think of the new year with back to school time, my planner runs July-June. I do most of my big organizing before the kids go back to school, etc. I still love the January 1st new year to be able to look back at each year and see what was great, what worked, what didn't and what we hope for in the new year! I usually make a list of resolutions, but this year I went with the one word that would encompass my year! Any of you pick a word each year?

 Someone asked what people were picking for a word and I only had to think about it for a second before coming up with PURPOSE. 

The things I am going to do this year will be with purpose. Whether it be getting healthy for the purpose of sticking around to see my kids grow up, or expanding my business to give myself purpose in life besides, wife and mother. Or simplifying our life to have more of a connection in this home of ours. These are just a few of the things that are on my heart right now! What about you? 

Speaking of simplifying, If you haven't read the book, A Simplified Life by Emily Ley, you should! 

 I have been working on simplifying, without even knowing it for a while. I go through our stuff, purge and organize quite often. I limit the number of activities the kids can do each season so that we are never "too busy" for what really matters. I try to get most things done around the house when the kids are at school so that I can be more present when they are around. But, I am not perfect and I still have a ways to go at this vision of a simplified life.  My purpose in this, is to create a calm, cozy and simple home that we just love to be in, where we can escape the craziness that is the rest of the world. Where there isn't clutter in our spaces or in our minds. This book is going to help me get there! Not only the book, but just following Emily Ley on social media is truly inspirational! She is one of my favorite persons to hear speak!

I asked for and received an Instant Pot for Christmas! I was super excited to try it, I have heard nothing but good things about how easy it is to pull together a meal with it. I haven't used it yet for cooking a meal, but I have made hard boiled eggs with it and let me tell you, they are the perfect hard boiled eggs! Wow! I love having hard boiled eggs around for a quick snack, breakfast or to add to a salad, but I really hate making them. It feels like it takes forever and I never do it just right. Well those days are over. I can make a dozen perfect hard boiled eggs in 10 minutes. Seriously! They are perfectly cooked and easy to peel! I have been topping my bagged Fresh Express Bacon Ceasar salad kit with two hard boiled eggs and it is the perfect easy lunch!

Blizzards! This favorite has some conditions, all of my family must be able to be home safe and we must keep our power so we don't freeze. Under those conditions, I say bring it on winter. I love a day to stay home and watch the snow make the entire neighborhood beautiful. These crazies even went outside for a little bit.

 I had to take the dog out a few times, and we didn't make it longer than 5 minutes. But tomorrow, once the wind stops we will have tons of snow for everyone to play in!

That's it for today, I am off to make the kids hot chocolate and snuggle up for an afternoon movie! I hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend. Till next time!

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Can I help with your resolutions?

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year! I don't know where 2017 went and how it could possibly already be 2018? I say this every year, but it just goes by so fast. All the prep and planning for Christmas and it is here and then over so fast! I enjoyed Christmas and the whole vacation so much this year, there were equal amounts of fun and relaxation and you can't go wrong with that!

Anyway, how many of you made New Year's resolutions? How many of you included getting organized on your list? I am hoping there are a few of you out there ;)

I would love to get you on my schedule to help with this task! Do you have a space in your house that drives you crazy? Do you have a room that is always a mess? Do you wish your mornings/evenings or weekends ran smoothly? I can help!

Here is what other people are saying about the work I have done so far...

"Sandy is the best! She helped me organize all of my clothes and my closet...looks great and is already making my life so much easier!" - Molly

"I had a great experience working with Sandy! Our kitchen was small, outdated and cluttered. We’re still several years out from a full renovation and just wanted some improved organization and a facelift- Beautifully Organized was the answer! The best part about working with Sandy was that she asked so many questions and really tried to understand how our family uses the kitchen...our cooking habits, where we pack lunches, what we use most, how often we bake, etc. She didn’t want to just implement her own organizational preferences, she wanted to make sure everything she did worked best for our family. I’m definitely seeing an improvement in my efficiency in the kitchen as a result of her efforts, and feel like I have so much more space! Can’t wait to implement her paint and backsplash ideas next!" 
- Lacie

"Sandy has helped us transform our house to a home. She worked with us to pick out paint colors for each room and went through room by room helping us organize and style the rooms. Sandy has helped us to reduce clutter and stress in our home and we couldn't be more grateful for all of her help!!" 
- Amanda

"Sandy has done various projects for me from organizing my kitchen to designing my dining room. She selected fabulous elements taking into consideration my preference for farmhouse modern while always giving us multiple choices and price ranges for things so we could make sure it fit within our budget. I couldn’t be more pleased with the work Sandy has done for us. She made organizing and decorating our house fun! I would highly recommend her. Forget the countless hours of stress and anxiety trying to figure out exactly what to do with your space let her do the work for you and I promise you won't regret it for a second" - Stacy

"Sandy came to my home and did an extremely through review of what would be most helpful to feel organized in the kitchen and dining room area to begin, and then went from room to room. After she made her recommendations, we quickly began the work. Within 48 hours our kitchen and dining room had a wonderful, tranquil feel to it. Just the organization alone, has helped save time for our family to prepare meals, kids lunches, and even to grab a quick cup of coffee! Originally my husband and I had been discussing a new tile floor, new counters and cabinets, however after the room was complete, it felt bran new and workable without having to complete all of those major changes. She has brought new meaning to the word simplicity. Some areas of our house now seem elegant, well put together and simply "flow" as you would want it to! Not only did her organizational piece make a huge difference, she also recommended paint colors, (our living room and hallway look great with newly painted gray walls:), and also made recommendations on how to reorganize our coat closet! I never even imagined I could have a space to hang up all of our coats and backpacks without having anything on the closet floor! I will definitely be asking for Sandy's expertise to transform our bedroom in the near future. I can't wait!" - Tristin

I have been overwhelmed with gratitude for these amazing reviews! I look at the end product of each job as if it were my own space. I get just as excited to see a beautiful organized space in other peoples homes, as I do my own! I hope that I can help you this year! If you have been wanting to schedule, what are you waiting for?? 

My goal is to schedule four clients this month so I am giving a deal for organization. I am offering a free consultation plus an extra free hour to anyone who schedules this week!

Happy New Year Everyone! 

Happy Holidays

Friday, December 22, 2017

Although I am not a winter girl, I love this holiday season! Right from Halloween straight through to the New Year's!

It is no surprise that I LOVE to decorate my house and most of the year, it is decorated with just a few small touches for each season/holiday. That is, until Christmas comes around. Before I decorate for Christmas, I have to take down almost all of my regular decor. Yes, you heard that correctly. I pack up all my decor for the Christmas season! 

Why do I do this? Well, if you don’t undecorate before you decorate, and add lots of new decor, it creates clutter instead of beauty. And for Christmas, I need all the trees and all the twinkle lights and in order to keep it calm and beautiful, I put everything away first! 

Then in January I will start fresh with my decor! This isn't a great system for everyone because, not everyone enjoys the process as much as I do, but for me it works perfectly! 

Now, here is how my house is decorated for Christmas! 

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday! I hope you are spending it with the ones you love, relaxing, having fun and making every moment worth it! See you all in 2018 🎆

Christmas Shopping - Part 3

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

OK, it’s the first week of December, how many of you are still Christmas shopping?

Do you have all of it left to do? Do you just have those hard to buy for people left on the list? Just a few little things left to pick up?

As I try to buy for all the people in my life, I have been putting together some gift guides to try to help you all out! It can be stressful trying to make those lists, find the time to shop, wrap and deliver. A few weeks ago I talked about tween girls and you can find that one here. Last week I talked about 6-8 year old boys, here.

Today I put together a few lists of some gifts that would be great for a girlfriend, sister, teachers, grandparents and the men in your life!

First let's talk about those ladies....

First, I love this guide for a few reasons! One, I would love to receive everything in it and two, if you purchase everything in the guide, it makes a really nice big gift for someone, and it all has a theme. Think cozy, night in, pamper yourself! But for a smaller gift, you can choose just one or two items and it is still the same theme, but just in a smaller budget! Let's get looking...

1. Ballerina Slippers - I am bare feet a lot in the house, but when it starts to get chilly, I love some cozy slippers on my feet! These are adorable and look like they would be super comfortable for a chilly night in the house! 

2. Simplified Life by Emily Ley - I think everyone needs to read this book. Who isn't looking to simplify their life these days? I really don't think I talk to anyone that doesn't feel overworked, overwhelmed, stressed and too busy. I think it is time for a change and this book will help! I am currently working through the book and I have a few people on my list that are going to get it from me! The gift certainly doesn't need this specific book, but I think a meaningful book is always a great gift!

3. 12 Pack of Paper Facial Masks - We love to do face masks in this house! We have some go to's, but I also love to experiment. I  have bought a few of these paper masks and they are quick, easy and less mess! Who wouldn't love to relax with a face mask, and you wouldn't always spend the money to get yourself a big pack like this to try! 

4. Gift  Candles - OK, I love me some candles! I love to have my house smelling nice, but there is just something about settling down for the night, turning off all the lights and watching TV with just a candle or two burning. I think that is why I love Christmas twinkle lights so hmuch, I just love dim lighting at night! You could also enjoy a couple of candles in the bathroom while you take a bath! This candle that I found was just so pretty and you could reuse the tin after you finish the candle, it's like two presents in one! 

5. Aromatherapy Collection Muscle Soak Bubble Bath - Do you know someone who loves to take a bath? If you do, they can never have enough bubble bath! Since we have installed our new soaking tub, I am going to through bubble bath quite quickly! This muscle soak bath sounds amazing! 

6. Genteele Super Soft Luxurious Sherpa Throw Blanket - The name says it all. Super soft, luxurious...need I say more? I just personally don't feel that you can ever have enough soft blankets in your home. I am all about being cozy, so I need blankets in the living room, my bedroom, basically anywhere this is somewhere to sit! I need large blankets for snuggling and smaller personal size blankets for when I want to cozy up alone! I need extra warm blanket and lighter but still cozy blankets. You know what I mean?? This one looks great to me! 

Like I said before you could buy the whole board, but you could also put together some smaller packages...

Grab the blanket and add the slippers for someone who is always cold on your list, or add the book instead for someone you know could use some time to cuddle up and read a book or just the blanket and the candle

For your child's teacher, they work so hard with our kids, how about the Candle, bubble bath and Face masks. A relaxing night in provided by you! 

You could mix and match all day and check off all the ladies on your list! 

Next up, those hard to buy for men....

1. Under Armour tech long sleeve t-shirts - It's that time of year where we are going from short sleeve to long sleeve shirts and these Under Armour shirts are my hubbies favorites, so I had to add them to the list! 

2. Beard Care Kit by Mountaineer - There are a lot of beards out there! I'm not going to lie, I am a beard girl. I love Mike with a beard! He really has never done anything special with his beard, so I think this would be a fun surprise. 

3. Breakfast Sandwich Maker - Ha! Every guy wants a small appliance, right? Well, if you have a guy that loves a breakfast sandwich, he just might think this is awesome! There is actually a cookbook that goes along with it, here. I haven't made up my mind on this yet, because I do feel like Mike will first say, "seriously, another small appliance?" but the reviews on this have me a bit sucked in! I feel like this would help us out in the morning! He often skips breakfast because he just drinks coffee and doesn't have the time to make something...this could solve this problem for him! 

4. Wool Socks - Mike gets cold pretty easily so he loves him some wool socks! If you have a guy that gets cold, or that is outside a lot in the winter, a new set of wool socks is always a great gift! 

5. Fitbit Alta HR - Mike started using this a few months ago and it has seriously motivated him! If you have a guy that may need a little motivation in the moving department, this would be the perfect gift. Mike sits at a desk all day and this has made him take all his conference calls walking around. He hits 10,000 steps so easily now! 

I have a few more gift idea to share as well...

A few years ago, I gave this book to one set of the grandparents. Memories for My Grandchildren. It is a book for the grandparents to document about their lives and it will be gifted back to our children someday! Someday they will get to learn so much more about their grandmother and grandfather by reading these books! 


And, I gave them each the book with a super soft blanket so they could get cozy and write in the book! See, I have been giving soft blankets for a long time!! 

I also found a few alcohol related gifts that would be perfect for a yankee swap gift! The first is a wine "glass" that I gave at a swap with a bottle of wine a couple of years ago! Mine said something a little different, but same idea! If you click here, they have a few different sayings available! 

Then for the beer lovers, there are these cool 6 packs that you add your own beer to, but the outside is decorated and includes a card right on it! Love these

Last thing, if you are local and you have someone that is hard to buy for, I am offering some gift certificate specials over at Beautifully Organized! Know someone who could use some organizing or a redesign of a room? Come check out my Facebook to see what I am offering! 

OK, I think that covers my gift ideas for this year! Hope these have inspired you a little for the people on your list! Next week, I am going to show you my Christmas decor! Till next time ❤❤

This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click a link and make a purchase, I get a small percentage of the profit. This does not effect your cost, but does help support my blog! Thank you! 

Christmas Shopping - Part 2

Sunday, November 26, 2017

You guys love the gift guides! I got such a good response from my tween gift guide last week! So, today just in time for cyber Monday, I have a boys gift guide ages 6-8! 

I think this age in boys is hard, only because in my experience, they want everything! Everything he sees, he needs, he can't live without and I feel like I have been saying, "put it on your Christmas list" constantly for months! The list is long, so how do we choose??!!

Here are some ideas of items that were hits last year, made this list this year or sound like fun! 

1. Nerf Guns - I don't know about any of the boys in your life, but my son is obsessed with Nerf guns. Even if he doesn't have bullets he loves playing with his friends and running around playing games with these. This particular gun, the Nerf Stryfe is on his list this year.

2. Nerf bullets - these are always needed! They are always lost outside and now our puppy is chewing on them constantly. I find Amazon has the best deals on bulk bullets! They are not Nerf brand, but they are compatible and we have had no issues! 

3. Pokemon binder - We have a lover of Pokemon cards in this house. Although I don't even think he really knows how to play the game, he loves to collect the cards, go through them, and play his own version of the game. Since he has started collecting them he has collected a whole bunch so now we need a good way to store them! This binder was on his list, don't forget the 9 pocket inserts to go in it! 

4. Epic Lego Adventures - we have so many Legos in this house! I am not complaining, because he can lose himself in Lego creativity forever sometimes. But the actual sets we purchase only get made once, so their are tons of Legos. I thought a book like this would be a perfect way to be creative with the Legos we already own, rather than buying a whole bunch of new Lego sets! 

5. Nature Bound Camo Netting Kids Fort - this looks like a lot of fun to build a fort with in the backyard! Especially when they are playing their Nerf war games. Also fun to bring to the woods and spend some time out there! I think this will be a hit even if it only gets used inside until spring, we will be making igloos by Christmas I am sure! 

6. Garmin Vivofit Jr. - I saw this come up and I feel like this would be a huge hit in our house. Mike has something that he tracks steps on, and my little man wore his old tracker that no longer worked all the time just because dad had one. I think he would love to use one that actually works and what a great way to continue to stay active in the winter, which can be difficult in the snow and cold. Plus it benefits me by assigning chores and keeping track of allowance! Win win! I think we would get the Digi Camo color because it looks like Minecraft to me! 

7/8. Magformers - Owen received a few sets of Magformers for Christmas last year and they still get pulled out and played with. Usually he is building and using the wheels from the #8 set so I was debating the #7 set because I feel like that would still interest him! Last year he also go a package with just a whole bunch of the magnets so he had more to be creative with, such as this set. 

9. Meccano -  I saw these pop up and think if your child likes to build things, they seems super cool! I love that they come with real tools. I think my little guy would love this! There seems to be a pretty good variety for each age range. I was thinking of trying just one small pack to see what he thinks! This stunt plane is only $10 for ages 8+! If he does like it there are so many more to choose from going forward and for that price, what a great gift to bring to a birthday party too! 

10. Snap Circuits - these are another thing I have seen around and I think this would be a great gift to keep him busy and interest him! Isn't that the goal? There are tons of different kits, different ages and different price ranges, so I went with this starter set to see how he likes it! 

11. SWAT team mini figures - these were seen at a friends house and immediately went on the list! These are perfect stocking stuffers because each guy comes packaged individually! Mini figures are a favorite in our house! 

12. Star Wars Lego Kits - I can literally not get through a Christmas where there is not a request for Star Wars Legos! This kit made the list this year! 

13. Sky Viper Nano Drone - there was a drone obsession in our house last year! This was the nano that he got for his birthday and he loves it! I love it because it isn't as big as the other drone he has for using in the house! It was the perfect size to bring for show and tell at school too! 

14. Drone with camera - this was at the top of the list last year and it was under the tree Christmas morning! It was flown in the garage until he had a handle on the controller and now he can fly it outside. A year later and he still loves this! Totally worth it!  

I hope you get some ideas for Christmas from this list. I am still making decisions on a few things! I love trying to find some new interesting toys that are unexpected because honestly even though the list is long, you can only have so many Nerf guns, Pokemon cards and Star Wars Lego sets, am I right??

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I will see you soon with just a random assortment of some good gifts, in my opinion! Till next time!! 😍

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Christmas Shopping - Part 1

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Have you started yet?? Christmas Shopping??

I am super late starting this year. I like to start thinking about my lists in September, then actively shopping in October. My goal during this season is to be finished with my shopping by Thanksgiving. It makes December relaxing and fun. I don't have to worry about going to the stores unless I want to. I can decorate, bake, wrap and enjoy the days leading up until Christmas! 

This year though, I didn't start thinking about it until November. I am still really hoping to finish by December 1st! Think it will happen?? 

I thought over the next few weeks I would share what I think would be great gifts for kids in my kids age range! I know that it gets more difficult as they get older and I always love to hear other ideas! 

Today I am going to highlight girls between 10-12. 

I hope you get some ideas for those sometimes hard to buy for tweens!

1. The Plum Band Stretch Band - This band is perfect if you have a dancer in your life! Olivia uses this all the time to help her stretch and she has been able to perfect a full split! 

2. TurnBoard - the turnboard is used all the time in my house to help with balance and to work on turns. It is small and takes up hardly any space, but has a big impact on her practice! 

3. Chef'n Sweet Spot Instant Ice Cream Maker - this popped up in my ads one day and I thought what a perfect gift for an ice cream lover! I don't know if there is a girl out there that doesn't love her some ice cream! I love the idea of this because it isn't another small appliance, it works with the cold stone. It makes a nice personal size amount of ice cream and you can add things to it to make it a little more fun! 

4. Natural Essence Bath Bombs - Who doesn't love fun bath stuff? I know I do and my 11 year old loves to take a warm bath at night! I liked this set because it offered a free bath pillow! 

5. Covet Dance H tutu O water bottle - again with the dance presents! This water bottle would be a perfect small present for someone filled with something small like candy/gum! 

6. Mad Libs Sleepover Party - do you remember Mad Libs? Tweens love a good sleepover and what is more fun at a sleepover than making up super funny stories and giggling into the night?? 

7. Vokai 79 Piece Makeup Kit Gift Set - A lot of tween girls are starting to experiment with makeup. This is the perfect way to give them everything they need to try! 

8. Wet Brush - we love a wet brush in our house and you can never have enough! Bathrooms, bedrooms, dance bags, lockers, etc. and who doesn't love a fun pattern on a brush?? 

9. Luxwig Mannequin Head - How cool would this be for a girl experimenting and learning how to do hair? I know my girl needs a lot of help in the learning to do her own hair department so this would be a perfect present for her. It is real hair so you can use heat on it, they can style with a straightener and curling iron, wash it and cut it! Don't forget to get the clamp to make it stay in place! Click here for the mannequin and here for the clamp. 

10. Conair Self Grip Rollers - These are fun for the mannequin or on themselves. No heat needed for these! 

11. Singing Machine - this was under our tree last year and it still gets used! Love a gift that lasts! It can work as just a bluetooth speaker or you can plug in the microphones and sing along! The multi flashing lights make it look really cool as well! It comes with only one microphone, but you can get another one here. We often like to "sing" together so we have liked having two! 

12. Invisi Bobble - Mint to be - these are a new kind of hair tie. They are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer! Or inside the water bottle :)

13. HerStyler Curling Iron - this is perfect for experimenting with the mannequin or themselves! 

14. HerStyler Ceramic Straightener - again perfect for playing with the mannequin or trying on themselves! I know my girl loves when her hair is straightened and smooth! 

15. Books - in our house books are always a great gift. Wolf Hollow is a book that Olivia could not put down recently! It is now on my table because she said I would love it too! 

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and is able to spend time with friends and family! I am so incredibly excited to be hosting at my home this year with some extra special family! But as soon as Friday arrives it is Christmas season in my house! We are already listening to Christmas music, but on Saturday we go cut down our tree and decorate the house! Then I have one week left to shop to reach my goal! We shall see! 

Have fun everyone! 

This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click a link and make a purchase, I get a small percentage of the profit. This does not effect your cost, but does help support my blog! Thank you! 

Welcome to the family

Saturday, November 18, 2017


We brought our new baby home a few weeks ago and I am just now getting around to telling you about it!

Why? Because I forget how much work it is to have a puppy!

I underestimated how much I would love this dog!

He is so good!

He is incredibly cuddly!

He just loves to be near you...

We all love him so much!

Welcome to the family, Lincoln! ❤
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