Faith and First Communion

Sunday, May 18, 2014

We are catholic. We believe in god, we pray and are spiritual in our own way. One thing we don't do though, is go to church. I have never felt that you have to go church to have a relationship with god, but lately I am feeling drawn to go. I find it difficult to go with the kids though (not Olivia, but Owen) our church community does not offer daycare or a Sunday school program during mass. So church consists of entertaining Owen and not taking in the message. Because of this, I was looking around at other church communities that although were not catholic had the community and children's programs that I was looking for, but Mike was not on board with trying a different church, he felt if we are going to start going we will go to a catholic church, and I was hesitating as well. While I am having all these feelings, Olivia was doing Sunday school and on the path to make her first communion and confirmation which she received last weekend.

Let me tell you, it was beautiful. I was so impressed with the Bishop. I was impressed with the ceremony and with the message he gave and how he spoke with the children. There was a moment during mass where I had this overwhelming feeling that this is where I should be. I left realizing that I would start going to church and I would stick with the catholic church. I bought Olivia a 365 Devotional book for kids (shown below) and while we were reading it the other night, she said she would like us to go there you have it. We are going to church!

Grace for the moment
I can't write this post and not show you how beautiful my little girl was on her first communion day! I am so proud of her. The first picture is Olivia with my niece and her bestie Grace!
I absolutely LOVE this face!
Another face to LOVE!

These boys sat quietly in church for almost an hour and a half, can you tell??
Owen and favorite little boys

The Whole crew! I think the restaurant was glad to see us go!

Oh and the cake I made! I was pretty proud of myself for this one!
Hope your week starts off great! I will be waking at 5am to go walking with sister in law (the mama to Grace and Ethan!) Yay for motivation to get moving! 

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