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Monday, May 26, 2014

It is Monday morning and I am just starting to think about my meal plan for the week. We have done yard work and spent time as a family this weekend and it has been wonderful. I know I don't have to go to work come Monday morning, but I feel so relaxed on a three day weekend. I think every weekend should be three days...doesn't it make sense? You get to enjoy two days and then have one to get ready for the week ahead. Could we somehow petition for this?? :)

Anyway, I am happy to report that besides getting Thai for lunch on Friday and then eating the leftovers for dinner, I cooked every night this weekend. This is HUGE for me. I hate to cook on the weekends. I realize that I probably should not have had Thai on Friday either, but once I think about Thai, I can't stop until I have it, but I did eat it for two meals instead of just one, that must count for something?? I know I have a problem! We did go for ice cream this weekend, but we walked there and back, so I feel that I can ignore those calories, right?? I will say though that I snacked a lot this weekend and not healthy stuff, I may have bought a Milky Way at Walmart on Sunday...oops.  I was sort of out of control...back at it today for sure.

Things I noticed from my under $100 grocery trip...
  • I ran out of everything, the kids had no snacks by Friday. This was and was not a bad thing. It forced them to eat the fruit we still had instead of things like Goldfish, graham crackers and popcorn, which aren't terrible things to eat, but of course eating fruit is better.
  • I used things that might have otherwise gone bad. I feel like I was more creative and thoughtful about what I was putting with our meals because I had to look around the fridge and cupboards rather than going to the grocery store. Not at all a bad thing.
  • I did have to go to the store this weekend, because we were eating meals we weren't planning to be home and because I had no breakfast foods. We were out of both kinds of peanut butter I buy, bread, cereal, waffles...everything! Sunday morning I made my last two bags of muffin mix and we ate those for breakfast, but this morning we would have been out of luck! I picked up some fresh fruit, burgers and buns for the grill last night, milk, etc. I also bought some beer and a zucchini plant and my total came to $55.61 (I bought peanut butter at Walmart). Some of the things I bought will be used this week, so we will see what the total for this week is. I won't grocery shop until tomorrow morning.
Breakfast options -
  •  English muffin with half peanut, half jelly and banana.
  •  Hardboiled egg, turkey bacon and fruit.
  • Oatmeal with peanut butter and fruit on the side (shout out to my friend Robin who told me about this yummy and quick option! Thanks Robin!!)
Lunch options -
  • Wraps with turkey lunch meat and veggies, with either avocado or hummus.
  • Salad with lunch meat or beans on it.
  • Peanut butter with sugar free jelly half sandwich and veggies on the side.
Dinner options -

Monday - Memorial Day and we are grilling - Steak - serving with corn on the cob and rice.

Tuesday - Sausage & Tortellini from Mix and Match Mama - This soup is easy and so good! I know it isn't really soup season, but I bought the stuff a few weeks ago because I am craving it! Click here for the recipe and try it!

Wednesday - Breakfast for dinner - I was going to get fancier and do omelets but we really have enjoyed our egg sandwiches and it is so easy to make especially since my hubby makes them! He is much better at making eggs and I would like to keep it that way!

Thursday - Chicken fingers and veggie - I make chicken fingers with egg whites, bread crumbs and garlic powder and they are yummy! The kids love them and they are super easy. We have girl scouts until 5 and won't get home until 5:30, but I will make them before and have them in the fridge for Mike to throw in the oven at 5. Dinner will be ready when we get home.

Friday - Pizza night - Pizza and movie! Because we had leftover Thai for dinner on Friday (the kids had French toast) we didn't eat pizza. So everyone will be excited for pizza this week!

Saturday - Pasta with Sauce - I may add meat or beans to the sauce, but it will just be something that  I have in the house. I will serve with broccoli and a salad. I have been craving pasta with sauce and the day after weigh in sounds like a great day to have it! I use this pasta that I found at Trader Joes (shown below). It is so good. No one in my family likes wheat pasta, but I don't want to buy white so I figured I would give this a try and you can't even tell that it isn't white pasta, but look at all the good things in it!

Sunday - I am going to make something with fish or seafood. I have some shrimp, scallops and tilapia in the freezer so I will come up with a recipe and update you on weigh in Friday!

So that's it! I will make my grocery list tonight and shop tomorrow! For an update on last weeks meals, both recipes that I made Ginger Soy Tilapia and Easy slow cooker BBQ Beef were yummy. Click here to go back to the recipes.

Lastly, today is Memorial Day, enjoy your extra day and your families, but don't forget to honor our troops. We are forever grateful for their service.

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