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Saturday, May 10, 2014

I debated over whether to post a before picture and this is where my struggle with body image comes in...I hate all pictures of myself. I critique myself ten times over. When I do try to get a good picture, I have to take it no less than 100 10 times. Not joking. But then I thought about the purpose of this blog and my promise to "keep it real" so, how can I not show you what I am working with here! So, here it is and this is about as real as it gets people! I took this picture after my 5am walk. No shower, no makeup and a baseball hat! It isn't flattering but it is real :)

Pay no attention to the two different socks...laundry is whole other topic!

Height: 5'2''
Weight: (I can't believe I am being this real) 191.2 pounds
Goal: 140 pounds or less

So there it is, my weight out there for the world to see! If that isn't motivation I don't know what is!
Here is what I am doing right now to start my weight loss journey. I am wearing a Fitbit Flex (shown below) I got mine at Target, but you can get them online or other stores. I wear the one shown in violet. I can't get over how motivating this thing is. I actually feel guilty if I haven't reached the goal of 10,000 steps. I have been known to walk around and around my house at 11pm if I am close but just haven't made it. Not to mention that Mike and I both have them (he wears black) and we have a mean competition going on with my sister and brother in law. The couple who loses the most weight in a month takes the other couple to lunch. We have been known to heckle each other quite a bit about how many steps we take in the day, so that contributes to my need to get as many steps as possible.
Fitbit Flex
I have been walking at 5am a few days a week with my sister in law and that is great because  I am up for the day, I have half my steps in before anyone in my house wakes up and I have so much extra time in my morning. I thought I would hate getting up so early, but I have enjoyed it. It is good that I have someone I have to meet because otherwise I would probably go back to bed! It is the getting out of bed that is so hard, once I am up it's great!
As for eating....I still need to work on this. I really don't eat horrible, most of the time I really eat great. But I have too many times where I don't. We order dinner out too much. I often don't have a firm plan for dinner or don't feel like cooking and we get takeout. For our budget and for our weight that needs to stop. For my snacks I don't lean towards fruit and veggies and I need to start. I eat far too much sugar and I need to get that under control.
My goal is to eat clean. I did a five day cleanse a couple of months ago. Lost 5 pounds in a week and loved the way I was eating. I followed the plan exactly and felt great at the end, didn't crave sugar and was able to keep going. Then one week I wasn't prepared and fell back into my old ways and here I am trying to get started again. I am thinking that I am going to do that cleanse again because I need to detox the sugar out of my body. I would love to have some people following along and doing it with me.
So for weight loss, I will be blogging about my exercise plans and what is working for me. I will post the clean eating challenge and how that goes, and what I do to get better prepared each week for clean eating. And of course, I will update about my weight. Weigh in days are Friday. Stay Tuned!

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