Nine Years

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

That is how long we have been married today! Nine years, where does the time go? What has been going on the last nine years?
  • We have owned two houses.
  • We have survived countless renovations on our current house. Including one that had our house looking like this...not pretty, not easy, but we made it through!
  • We have had two children, Olivia is almost 8 and Owen is almost 4.
  • We have watched recitals, gymnastics routines, winter concerts, art shows and all that fun stuff you get to do as a parent!
    Our angel at the Christmas Mass
  • We struggled through an unexpected tragedy just after being married when my little brother passed away.
  • We struggled with our relationship after having both of our children. Finding time for each other and time for ourselves while being overtired and dealing with the kids was not an easy   transition for us, either time.
  • We have had four weekends away without the children, two with other people and two on our own. The last time was 2 years ago and we went to NYC, it was my first time. Right now we are in desperate need of a night or two away!
View from our room on the 40th floor!

  • We have taken a few small family vacations but all just road trips. I am looking forward to the first time we take the kids on an airplane! We both really want to go back to Bermuda (we went on our honeymoon) and sit on their beautiful beaches! We love the beach!
On the beach from our 2012 vacation in Lincolnville, ME

  • We have had two cats, a hamster and a couple of fish that are no longer with us.
  • We have a dog, Bentley and now two guinea pigs, Luke and Leia.
  • I worked at a physical therapy office until I was pregnant with Owen.
  • I went to cosmetology school at night for about 6 months, but didn't finish when I found out I was pregnant with Owen. I have done a few other things here and there over the last 9 years as well. I still don't know what I want to be when "I grow up!" 
  • Mike has changed jobs twice, same field but two different companies.
  • We have watched some of our close friends get married and have children. We have attended some really fun weddings!
    Friends wedding rehearsal 2013
  • We are still friends with some of the people we met in high school, but we have also made new friends.
  • We are almost 34 (we are almost in our mid thirties), we started dating when we were both 16 years old! Only married for 9 years, but we have been dating for 17 years. We went on our first date April 4, 1997. We went to see the movie Liar, Liar and then went out for ice cream. I even remember what I was wearing!
    We were maybe 20 in this picture. This is the oldest I could come across right now! Thanks Amanda for this #tbt!
  • We have celebrated many birthday and holidays which are even more fun since having the kids.
Christmas 2011

  • We bicker but very rarely fight (don't get me wrong, we fight, but big fights are rare) and they almost always end with us laughing. Mike has a way of joking with me or teasing me that really helps to diffuse an argument, unless I am not in a joking mood!  
  • We have yelled, cried and laughed...
    She wrote this note at 6...we are in trouble!
  • We have climbed mountains both literally and physically :)
Bradbury Mountain
The road has not always been easy, but for the most part we have been able to keep it fun! Some days though, the kids are being awful, we can't agree on anything and the house is a mess, but even on these days I wouldn't change it. Not that I want to rush through this time, because it goes by fast enough, but I think about the day that it is back to being just Mike and I most of the time and it makes me smile. When the kids are grown, I couldn't imagine spending my time with anyone but him. Before we know it, the kids are going to want to spend more time with their friends than with us and when that happens, I know Mike and are going to have a blast. We will miss the kids, but we will find each other again and that, I look forward to!

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