Weekly Weigh In #2

Friday, May 23, 2014

It's Friday...Weigh in day! I lost .8 pounds this week. I would have loved to lose more, but I lost and I didn't gain, so I will take it!

The Good...

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday my steps were great...

  • Besides Thursday I stuck with my dinner meal plan exactly!
  • Thursday we had some unexpected things come up and by the time I got home I didn't feel like cooking and I didn't have enough BBQ sauce to make what I was planning so we skipped that and ate leftovers! I consider this a win because even though we didn't stick with the meal plan, we didn't eat out! Believe me, I am not going to lie, I was thinking about Thai food :)
  • I spent under $100 at the grocery store. I was close...real close and I didn't buy BBQ sauce which I clearly needed so that might have put me over. When I look back here and read that I thought I might only spend $50, I laugh! I took a picture of my groceries and saved my receipt so that I can do some analyzing...stayed tuned for my research!
The Bad and the Ugly
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday not good days on my fitbit. I don't know what is wrong with me on the weekends?? I have got to get myself moving more. Sunday night I was laying in bed when I checked for my official number and saw that I was only 606 steps away from my goal. At 11:30pm I contemplated getting out of bed and walking around the house to reach it. Clearly as you can see in the picture, I didn't do it. My bed was just too comfortable!

  • I went to bed way too late this week, which leads to the next thing on the list...
  • I slept right through one of my morning walks this week. I slept through my fitbit alarm and two "where are you??" text messages...clearly I need to catch up on some sleep.
  • I think I might have a slight obsession with Pomegranate seltzer water...No, this isn't a terrible thing, but I am drinking very little regular water because I am drinking so much seltzer. Next week my goal is to limit to 2 seltzers a day and up my water intake. This will help not only my body but my budget!
  • Lastly, I plugged my fitbit battery in yesterday morning and then forgot to put it back on before leaving the house. So I went half my day not wearing it. It definitely showed in my numbers...we will just ignore Thursday!
As for the couples competition we LOST, by .7 pounds, .7 pounds....ughhhh! So, we owe my sister and brother in law lunch in NYC! We decided to continue the competition until we go to camp in July. This time we are competing for dinner....and I refuse to lose twice, so watch out!

Mike's gram had to have an unexpected surgery so we won't be traveling this weekend. I will need to supplement my meal plan for the times I wasn't expecting to be home. I will probably let us still have Subway one day, because frankly, I am lazy on the weekends!

This weekend we are going to talk about the budget and Monday I will be back with a new meal plan! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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