Weekly Weigh In #3

Friday, May 30, 2014

Ok, can we pretend this week didn't happen? No? This is all about keepin' it real so I must tell you...OK, here it goes. This week I gained. I gained 2.4 pounds. What took me two weeks to take off, I put back on in one week.
But, I am not going to let this bring me down. It was a bad week, but it doesn't have to continue, and there were some good things this week and here they are...

The Good...

  • I got my steps in this weekend, Friday, Saturday, Monday and Thursday! I made it a point to get a walk in with the family this weekend and I didn't feel like a slug!
  • I cut down on my seltzer drinking. Before I let myself have a seltzer I made myself have a full glass of ice water first. Sometimes I would forget about the seltzer and sometimes I would still have it, but I stuck to my rule of two per day.
  • I cooked every night this weekend which I never do! It definitely helps that it is grilling weather, because that is so easy and what is better on a warm day?

The Bad and the Ugly...
  • I did not get my steps in on Sunday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • I did not get up early and get my morning walks in this week. I stayed up late and slept in each day. I felt rushed in the morning and fell behind in everything. I came home this afternoon and my house looked like a bomb went off...seriously!
  • I ate JUNK. It started with a Milky Way at Walmart and continued with chips and Con Queso, a rootbeer soda, ice cream, Girl Scout cookies, apple crisp, cheesecake, marshmallows and beer. Looking at it in a list like this, I am kind of horrified. Yikes!
I could come up with a whole lot of excuses, like the weather was rainy a lot of days, it was a holiday weekend, it was my anniversary (excuse for the cheesecake), but the fact is a moderate amount of unhealthy eating is ok, but as much as I did....no excuse!

So here is what I am thinking. I am going to find a food challenge. At least a week. Something that tells us exactly what to eat, because that works for me, and we will do it together. It will be something of a cleanse. When I did a clean eating challenge before, by the end of the week, I didn't crave the sweets. It was a great detox and I need it again. If you are interested in joining me, comment below. (I am having some commenting trouble so if you can't comment, let me know on Facebook) I will find a meal plan, I will post a shopping list and menus and then we will touch base each day. How does that sound? I will plan on doing it the week of June 16th. I would love to get 10 people, at least, to join and have a great group for accountability!

BUT, this does not mean I can slack off for two weeks. I will get my steps in this weekend and next week! I will come up with an alternative if it rains. I will stop snacking so much! This will be a great week, I know it!

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