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Friday, May 16, 2014

It is weigh in day! I am pleased that this week I lost 1.6 pounds!

The Good...

  • I got my 10,000 steps in every day since Sunday.
This is what my Fitbit flex app screen looks like on my phone and these are my step counts since Sunday!
  • I got up at 5am 3 days and 6am 1 day this week to walk.
  • I stuck to the meal plan 90% of the time. I stuck to one yummy Maple mustard hot dog on Monday and I used the leftover sauce from that to put on my grilled chicken for my Tuesday night salad. Yum! Thursday my chicken was still completely frozen in the morning and I didn't have time to get it in the crockpot so I just bought a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store. Tonight we are going to a last minute dinner at families house, so we will have the homemade pizza tomorrow instead.

The Bad and the Ugly...
  • Getting my steps in even on days I don't walk. Today I am seriously lacking in steps and at this point, I think it will be hard to hit 10,000.
  • We went over to visit some family on Tuesday night and had birthday cake and some yummy "smores" I didn't say no to either and I probably should have (or at least to one of them!) in order to see a bigger loss on the scale. And I am not going to lie, I dug into the kids Easter candy every day for a little something sweet, just a Hershey kiss or something each day...oops!
  • My grocery shopping budget went out the window this week....I went to Hannaford for groceries on Monday and spent $120 (about that, I can't find my receipt) then I did Trader Joes on Thursday and spent $120.11 and Hannaford and spent $52.13 there. So I spent a total of $292.24 at the Grocery store this week. HOLY! But, my goal next week is just to get fruit bread and milk. I stock up at Traders on some things we like because I don't go there each week. I bought things like frozen chicken and some frozen items that make easy meals that we like from there and some snack foods that will last more than one week. My goal is to spend $100 or less next week. I will have to stick to my list and I could probably do it and maybe for two weeks??? We'll see!
  • Last night I went to Book Club and had 3 glasses of wine and munched on some crackers and dip and mini ├ęclairs. They were good, I had fun and enjoyed myself...this is life!
So that's it. I did lose, I wasn't perfect, but I am happy with the results! Next week is our final weigh in for our couples competition so I have to step it up this week. I am hoping for a big loss...I don't like to lose, AT ALL!

This weekend I am going to post about Olivia's first communion and confirmation and I will post a new meal plan for next week! Enjoy the weekend! 

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