Day 1 tips

Sunday, June 15, 2014

DAY ONE tips and tricks...

First, here is the menu again
At this point you have already grocery shopped and your cart probably looked like this after produce..

Your fridge is now filled with all these good for you foods, right??
So let's get started! Breakfast is yummy today! Probably one of my favorite breakfast ideas that I took from the challenge! It is really quick, filling and delicious! Pictured below is what it looks like and how I like to eat it. On this day I only had cherry tomatoes, but normally, I would put full tomato slices on it.

For the morning snack, I did the banana. I did not have Shakeology so I couldn't do that in the afternoon and I didn't want to eat nuts twice.
The Lunch was not one of my favorites. Although, I liked it better this time around preparing it a little differently than last time. Instead of using the 2 tbsp. of dressing on the salad as a dressing only, I first used 1 tbsp. in the tuna like mayonnaise, then I put the tuna on the lettuce with the other ingredients, added the other 1 tbsp. dressing to the salad and shook it in a Tupperware. This seemed to give the salad a little more flavor. Last time I just put plain tuna on the salad and put the dressing on, but the dressing is very thick and can be hard to get on all the stuff. Although I do like tuna, I don't really enjoy it plain so this trick worked a lot better for me!
Dinner is so good. Mike isn't a mustard fan, but liked the chicken anyway, and we both LOVED the broccoli. I love broccoli and love it plain too, but after having it this way, I don't ever want to eat it plain again. It had so much flavor!
I want to hear your comments on here. What does everyone think after doing Day One?? Questions, comments? Check in with me!


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