Day 2 Tips and a Realization...

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sooo, before I talk about Day 2, I need to talk a bit about a realization I came to in New York. First, we had a great time in NYC! One day was a little touch and go because we had a tired, whiny three year old who made the rest of us tired and whiny! It was a good day to get back to the room and rest  or have a time out for a bit before dinner. Even with the rest, he was still passed out before dinner even arrived.
Poor baby! But with 12 hours of sleep, he was ready for the last full day and we had a great time! I will post more pictures from our trip later in the week!

Back to my realization. I do not have a full length mirror hanging on any walls in my house. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Thoughts?? We had a full length mirror hanging on the wall right outside the bathroom in the hotel room. So, I got to look at my whole self every time I walked out. NOT good. That was a harsh dose of reality for me. Normally, I get dressed in the morning and I look down at myself and don't think I look too bad. Of course, I have days that my clothes don't feel great and something feels tight, and I don't feel great about myself, but for the most part, I look down and think, ok great, ready for the day. Every time I walked out of that bathroom at the hotel, I just got sad. I had bought a few new outfits for the trip and the pieces were super cute, but what I saw when I looked in the mirror was far from what I would consider cute for myself. I know what the number on the scale says, but honestly, I didn't realize how out of control my weight had gotten until this weekend. Should I have a full length mirror here at home? Hard to say, I don't know that I want to feel like I did this past week, every day of my life. I already know I am not happy with  my weight should I rub it in my face each and every day?? Or is a good motivator?? Honestly I am not sure. What I do know is that, I am done. I don't want to feel like that. I want to look in the mirror and think damn girl, you look good! :) Just kidding (or am I?) Kidding aside, I want to be comfortable in my own skin and, clearly, right now, I am not!

It is time to get serious! I am motivated by Diana and Carrie's stories (Click their names to read their stories if you haven't already) and I need to get into shape. I have no excuses. NONE! I can think of many, but they are just that, EXCUSES. I have been walking which is great, but I am going to add in an exercise video as well. I bought Beachbody's T25 a while back and only did 3 weeks. Although I loved it, things got crazy and I didn't make the time for it. That is going to change. Remember what Carrie said "don't find time to exercise, make time!" Interested in doing T25. Check out Carrie's website here and do it with me! You won't be sorry. Let's make 25 minutes a day a priority together!

As for eating, I am going to eat clean. After this 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge, I am going to continue the clean eating path. Will I be perfect every second, no, but I am going to do the best I can. Mixed with the walking and the T25, I am hoping to see some great results. And to keep myself even more accountable, along with my weekly weigh in each Friday, I will post a picture so that you all can see the transformation. I need accountability and I think that should do it!

I am starting the clean eating challenge tomorrow since we got back from NYC on Sunday and I can't grocery shop until this evening. For lunch today, I ate Macaroni and Cheese. I know I am serious about a diet when I eat Macaroni and Cheese the day before I start. Ever feel like you are eating your last meal ever the day before you start a diet? So you feel that you need to eat things that you will miss. No? It's just me?  Anyway, for me, that meal is boxed Mac n' cheese. I love it and it isn't exactly clean, so I ate it and now I am ready to get serious. Who's with  me??

Day 2 Tips and Pics...

First the menu again
Breakfast on Day 2, I couldn't stomach. I am not a plain greek yogurt fan so to only have melon to mix with it didn't cut it for me. The first time I ate as much as I could, but the second time doing the challenge I skipped to Day 3 breakfast instead.
Morning snack I did apple with almonds because I did not have Shakeology.
Day 2 lunch, is another of my favorite meals from this challenge. It is yummy! It feels like you are eating something you could get at a restaurant. So good and really so many variations, so as long as it is a veggie throw it in. Cucumbers, bell peppers, onions would all be great in this wrap!
Afternoon snack is good as well, I did baby carrots instead of cutting up a carrot.
Dinner is delicious. I didn't think I liked Salmon. I don't know if it was cooking it on the grill or the marinade, but I LOVED it. Look at all that food! Filling, Clean and Delicious! You can't beat that! Please excuse the fine china, but we ate outside this night and paper plates seemed like a good idea :)
The one thing I noticed when doing this challenge is that sometimes while I am cooking dinner, I feel sad that it is the last time I can eat for the day. I miss having a little something after dinner. But the results are worth it!
Stay Strong! 

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