Day 3

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How is the challenge going so far? Feeling good? Are you feeling full or hungry? Are you liking the food?

First let's start with the Day 3 menu again...

For breakfast, I ate the pineapple with cottage cheese. My recommendation if this isn't your favorite meal is not to do it with fresh pineapple. When I did fresh pineapple, I couldn't stomach it, but with the small cup of pineapple in juice (juice drained) there was enough juice left to give the cottage cheese more flavor. Without that added flavor, I couldn't eat it.

Morning snack was tricks there :)

For lunch, I had flashbacks to not loving Day 1 lunch so I got a bit creative with this lunch. Instead of eating a plain tuna salad, I made a stir fry. I used bell peppers, spinach, tomatoes and the tuna. I stir fried all that together and then added cut up sweet potato to it. It was still plain and not my favorite, but I liked it better than I would have liked a plain salad.
Afternoon snack was not my favorite either. I do like a smoothie, but the plain greek yogurt has such a strong taste that I don't love. I just ordered a sampler of Shakeology which will let me try all the flavors. I am thinking about ordering it if I like one! I will keep you posted.

Dinner is great! Super easy and delicious! The first time I made it, I used the chicken tenders, but the second time I was short on time and just bought a rotisserie chicken and used the already cooked chicken and it worked perfect! I mixed my quinoa and black beans together and covered with lime juice and I liked that a lot, rather than having plain quinoa on the side. I also didn't have cilantro the second time and thought it was just as good, but I don't love cilantro so I think that is a personal preference!

That's it for Day 3! Just an FYI depending on your time, On day 4 you are going to be making steak and it calls for marinating overnight. So make sure to start marinating your steak tomorrow night! I will remind you again tomorrow!

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