Day 4

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

When I was doing the challenge the second time, Day 4 didn't work out very well, so I have no pictures for this day. I will give you my tips and update with pictures on another day!
First for the menu...
For Breakfast, I used protein powder the first time because I had some. I also added in Peanut butter since it is called a peanut butter and banana shake, but then I don't see peanut butter in the ingredients. I put about a tablespoon in it.
Morning snack is pretty self explanatory!
Lunch was great! Amazingly, you don't even taste that you are using cottage cheese. The texture of the cottage cheese and the chopped eggs are so similar that you don't notice! I made it without Dijon mustard for Mike because he doesn't like mustard and I added greens (lettuce and/or spinach) to both. You could even add onion or other veggies to the salad if you like some other things in your egg salad! Yum! You will not be disappointed!
Afternoon snack, I did the orange with cashews (whole raw cashews) instead of almonds and it has become one of my favorite snacks. Something about the citrus and the cashews I love!
Dinner was very good! I didn't have flank steak so I used some other kind of steak (we bought a portion of a cow a few months ago, so I couldn't get myself to go buy flank when I have a freezer full of meat downstairs!) I think it was minute steak? I remember feeling like 1 tbsp. of pepper was a little much on such a small piece of steak, so I know I cut down a bit and even still felt it was a bit too peppery. When you put the spinach mixture on top of the steak, it was really good and cut down on the pepper taste, but next time I would probably use half the pepper at least! I still thought the meal was really good, but I would just tweak the amount of pepper a bit when I make it again.
That's it! I will update with pictures next time I make this food! Hope everyone is liking the challenge and feeling good! I want to hear what your favorite meals are so far!

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