Diana's Journey

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Meet Diana, she is a friend of mine from college. She is actually the best friend of one of my very dear friends, Katie. I spent a lot of time at their apartment during college and we had a blast! Now that I am a mom and wife and my health has become more important than the nearest party, the thing I will most remember about Diana is that she showed me how to eat clean! She was a Beachbody coach and she briefly joined Facebook and that's how I connected with her again. Shortly after she started her coaching page she posted the 5 day challenge. I did it with her group and felt great! I loved the food, and it was easy! I am so grateful to her for introducing me to clean eating!

Although she is no longer a Beachbody coach, I knew we would all be interested in hearing about her journey and I wasn't wrong! She sent me a great piece...you will love her!

How is that for a real and relatable story. I know I can relate to almost everything she talked about! Thank you so much Diana! 


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