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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Meet Carrie! She is the sister in law to one of my best girlfriends! She is truly an inspiration and you will love her story!

Freshman 15? It was more like the freshman 40 for me.  My first year of college was the start of my 20-year battle with my weight.  Inactivity, pizza, and beer were seeminglythe culprits, but in retrospect I realize it was more about eating for emotional satiety.   I used every tool you can imagine to lose weight: several of the popular weight loss programs, Herbal Life, starvation, diet pills, liquid diets, Atkins, South Beach, and the list goes on and on.  Everything worked for a short time and then I would yo-yo back to my start weight and sometimes more.  It wasn’t until after the birth of my 3rd son that I hit rock bottom.  At 230 lbs I was the heaviest of my life, the least energetic,and the most depressed. I was killing myself with food and diet Coke and was on the fast track to developing diabetes or heart disease. I knew that I had to do something that would stick, so I went back to basics with running and controlled my portion sizes.  I quickly dropped 40 lbs and felt amazingly better. Life got in the way again and I wasn’t able to workout as frequently as necessary.  I maintained the status quo, but knew it wouldn’t be good enough.  I continued to eat well and lost more weight, but I still didn’t feel as strong and healthy as I knew I could.

The big game changer for me was discovering the wonderful world of Team Beach Body.  I had heard the legends of Insanity and decided I would give it a try. I was challenged beyond belief, but love every minute of it! I started drinking one serving of Shakeology a day and was amazed that it provided me with my chocolate fix along with tons of energy and nutrients.  With consistency I started noticing my body change and transform into something I never thought possible.  I became a Team Beach Body coach this year and am delighted to be able to help and inspire many women who want to change their lifestyle.  I provide fitness/nutrition advice, accountability, support, and encouragement and I love experimenting with all the different fitness programs that they offer.

Working out at home has become my saving grace. I don’t find time for exercise; I make time for it.  I no longer dread working out, but instead crave the rush of endorphins and savor the dull ache in my muscles.  I feel sexy, strong, powerful, and full of energy. I no longer have to worry about working around my husband’s schedule or finding a babysitter.  I do ½ hour of exercise a day at home, make sure I drink my Shakeology, and get the bulk of my diet in the form of whole foods.  Do I eat dessert? Occasionally. Do I eat pizza and fried foods? Sometimes.  The trick is to eat well most of the time and allow yourself a cheat meal once and a while.  We have to live a little, right?


Today, I am 90 lbs lighter than I was 5 years ago!  I maxed out at size 18 and today I wear a 4. I started out only being able to run 30-second intervals, but this year I ran a half marathon and a 200-mile group relay.  5 years ago I felt like an old woman and today I feel more young and vibrant than I did in my 20’s. Every day I keep challenging myself to see how far I can goI am close to 40 and have never been healthier, fitter, or happier.  From time to time I still worry that I will revert back to those old bad habits, but I quickly brush those thoughts away.  I am transformed inside and out and there is no going back!  Nelsen Mandela once said, “Once a person is determined to themselves, there is nothing that can stop them.” Are you determined?
How great does Carrie look??? She is one hot mama! If you are interested in getting any Beachbody workouts or Shakeology, click here to check out her website!!
Want to join us for the clean eating challenge?? Find out more info by clicking here!
Thank you Carrie! 


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