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Monday, June 9, 2014

Last week was crazy!! We certainly made some great memories though! I have two and a half days to recover and pack for our next adventure! Right now my house looks like joke.

At 1:00 yesterday we were invited to an impromptu cookout with some friends we haven't seen in a while and I felt it was more important to go and catch up than to clean my house. So we went and then came home and got the kids to bed. I was so tired I fell asleep with Olivia. When I got up, I had no energy to clean up. I told Mike the mess was making me anxious, but there was no way I could clean it so I was just going to bed, and I did! So I got a good nights sleep last night and I am ready to clean the house, then plan and pack for NYC!

Before I go though, you must see some pictures from our adventures last week!

 My little man performed some songs with his class and got his diploma for finishing his first year of preschool. He was a riot on stage. He was making faces and was extremely animated with his performance. During one song the class was singing "Mama duck said, quack, quack, quack" and Owen was singing "Daddy duck said, quack, quack, quack" first thought was FUTURE CLASS CLOWN...I am in trouble with this one!!

Thursday night, Olivia had dress rehearsal for her Friday night recital.

We got her new dance picture and when I was changing out the frame I did a side by side of the last time she took a dance class. She was 4 (almost 5), now she is 7 (almost 8) I was shocked to see the difference. I see her everyday so I think I miss just how much she is growing up. She is a beautiful little lady now, there is no more baby in that face.

Friday during the day I went with Olivia on her end of the year field trip for school. We went to the Scarborough Marsh and Pine Point Beach. We had a great day! I love being able to do those kinds of things with her and for now she loves it too!

Friday night she had her Acrobatics dance recital. She was so nervous and excited. She isn't a fan of being the center of attention and on stage, but she faced her fear and did great! I could not have been more proud of her! Owen wanted to wear his tux from a wedding he was in last year to the recital. We talked him out of the pants, vest and jacket due to the heat, but he did wear the white shirt and bow tie and looked adorable!

All ready to go to the recital!
So proud of herself after!

Saturday during the day we went to the school fair. Olivia is in second grade and this was the first year we were able to go. It was cute, great for the kids! Face paint, fortune telling, carnival games, hair coloring, bounce houses, and food! I am so mad I didn't take one picture.

As soon as we got home from the fair, we were packing for our Girl Scout backyard campout. I was not looking forward to this, it had been cold at night in Maine right up until this weekend. I thought I would freeze (I packed a winter hat), but luckily I was wrong! It was actually muggy. The girls did great. Olivia said she had the best night!! We did the campout with an older troop who taught the girls to set up a tent, we did some fire safety talks while starting the fire, we played some games, had dinner and s'mores and watched a movie outside! In the morning they had breakfast and took down the tents and packed their stuff on their own.

It went so much better than I expected, camping is not something that I love to do. Mike and I used to camp all the time, but since we have had kids we have only been once. I have a huge problem with bugs, I don't love sleeping on the ground and I like to have a bathroom (luckily with a backyard campout that wasn't a problem) so it isn't at the top of my list for family vacations anymore! Really I don't know how I used to camp all the time. I decided this weekend, that it was because we used to drink the whole time. Without alcohol it really isn't much fun at all! I would much rather have a fire in my back yard and then sleep in my own bed :) But, I made it through the night with my only complaint...a few hundred bug bites (or so it feels like) !! I will hear Olivia complain about her bug bites all week I think, but I think she felt it was worth it for the fun! As I write this about bugs, my three year old just had to kill an enormous spider for me! Thank goodness I have him :)

Wednesday I will post a wonderful guest post from a friend of mine, Diana, who will talk about her weight loss and fitness journey. Friday I will post the shopping list and some tips for the clean eating challenge and Sunday I will post the meal plan for starting on Monday morning. If you want to hear more about The Clean Eating Challenge click here. We have two people doing the challenge with me, I would love to see some more! Join us!

Have a great week! 

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