Swimsuit shopping

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yes, the dreaded swimsuit shopping.....

Mike and I had a date night Monday night and decided to go up to LL Bean. We needed to return some shoes that Olivia decided didn't fit very well and I needed a swimsuit. I went to the beach Monday in shorts and a tank top. How can I be fun when I can't go in the water?? Time to break down and get one.

I like the LL Bean suits because they are good quality and material and they stay in good shape for a long time. I bought one two years ago that still looks brand new but it doesn't fit anymore. It didn't fit well last year either, but I made it work. This year their was just no way I could suck, squeeze or move in that suit, sooooo, I went to try on bathing suits.

I went in to get this suit click here. I had found it online, it had the coverage I wanted while still being flirty and cute. Perfect, right? WRONG. I brought in a couple of sizes and in each one I looked pregnant, maybe 6 months? Well since my last baby is going to be 4 in a few weeks, it doesn't work for me. So I tried on a bunch more and decided the dress bathing suit wasn't going to work. I hauled in a bunch of tankini's which definitely were more flattering but the sizes I brought in were just a bit snug. I could do it, but would I be comfortable or would I be pulling on it all the time? Probably, so I went and got the next size up, a size I have never even tried on before, never mind bought. Of course, It fit, so I went out and got a few more styles in that size and finally chose this one.

Remember the old bathing suit I was telling you about from LL Bean? The one that doesn't fit anymore? It is the same bathing suit that I bought this time, just a different color. It was a size 10, this time I bought a size 18 :( In two years I went up 4 sizes in a bathing suit. Needless to say, I was sad and felt physically sick actually. How did I let myself get this way? When did my weight start getting so out of control? I feel like the last few weeks it has been thrown in my face between the full length mirror (story here) and the bathing suit shopping. I knew I was putting on weight, but boy I didn't realize just how much my body had changed. Again, this just shows me how serious this journey has become for me. The time is now to break the cycle because if I didn't realize what was happening all this time and I keep going with my habits, where will I be in two more years? Definitely not in the place I want to be, that's for sure!

On a brighter note, Mike and I continued our date night. We were celebrating his birthday which was the next day, so we went out to dinner. A nice long dinner which was great to be able to talk. Guess what we talked about? Changing our lifestyle! That is a blog post for another day though! Then we ended our night with....drum roll please, we are wild and crazy...grocery shopping. Yes, grocery shopping. It was either stop on the way home or I had to go at 7am and at 10pm, I wasn't feeling that, so we went together. Oh what time alone has turned into! We definitely need another date night scheduled that doesn't include bathing suit shopping and the grocery store, so I will work on that!

I posted this picture to Facebook yesterday to say Happy Birthday to my handsome hubby who is now officially older than me, for 30 days anyway! We took this in the parking lot of LL Bean before shopping!
Love my "old man"
Next up, Weigh in Friday. New addition with a picture! Then next week, Owen's birthday party. Did I make it in my budget? You will find out!

Have a great Wednesday! 

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