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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Today I am doing something a little different and fun! Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to read blogs. Two of the blogs that I read are Momfessionals and A Little Bit of Everything. I found Andrea and Erika's blogs from the ever famous Mix and Match Mama who I reference on this blog all the time. Andrea and Erika do a bunch of fun Link Parties and I have decided to join a few. Today I am highlighting some of my favorite things under $10. Take a look!

First up, my favorite new find. Unfortunately, I have to color my hair. I say unfortunately because I am filled with gray hair and if I wasn't, I would not color it. It is a pain, it takes a long time and it is expensive. Well, I have a great stylist who does my cuts, color and highlight, but with my hair being so dark (the highlights help a bit) I see gray roots after about 3 weeks. Well I can not color my hair every 3-4 weeks. Even if the budget allowed it, who has time for that? So, I have found this....
I use this every 3-4 weeks. There is no mixing, the pump does it for you and when you finish, you take off the pump cover, put on a permanent cover and save it for next time. I got 3 uses out of one box! The price was just a tad over $10, but I colored my roots 3 times and that works out to less than $5 per time. Maybe that's cheating a little, but that's how I am justifying it in my mind :)

Next up, Caramel Machiatto K-cups. Yum, I am not a huge coffee drinker, but I do love me a latte! There is also just something about early mornings that make me want a hot drink. I haven't been able to find a good tea that I can use in the Keurig (and lets face it that is just so easy first thing in the morning) so I bought the Caramel Macchiato K-cups and I LOVE them! I won't have one every morning because they are calories (100, not too much) and I would love to drink something without calories, like tea. Plus I don't like to drink caffeine everyday. I keep my caffeine consumption to a minimum, generally, because if I drink it every day it can start to make me feel jittery. But these are good enough to make my list of favorites!

Lastly, I love to have polish on my nails, but don't paint them nearly enough because I don't have time to paint and allow time to dry. I can paint my nails pretty quickly, but the drying time is forever!! And nine times out of 10, I end up banging or smudging them and that drives me crazy. Or I do it before bed, think it is fine and wake up in the morning and there are lines all over my nails. So, I don't paint them because I don't have time to be still waiting for them to dry. Then I bought this....
Amazing!! I painted my nails for date night Friday night about 10 minutes before we went out. Within 5 minutes I was finishing getting ready, I rifled through my wallet looking for a card, etc. And not only did I not smudge it, there was absolutely no lines or dings on my nails. It has passed the test as far as I am concerned and this will be a staple in my house from here on out! Try it, you won't be disappointed!
Go on over to Momfessionals and A Little Bit of Everything to check out all the other favorites!

Hope you are having a great week so far!


  1. WHAT??!!! Oh my goodness!!! I'm going to buy that Essie drying drops stuff ASAP!! SO glad you posted about that today. I like painting my nails at night, but sometimes I just want to go to bed!! haha! Can't wait to try this. Thanks so much for linking up!!

  2. These Essie drying drops sound amazing!! I have the same struggle with smudging my polish after I've painted my nails, so I can't wait to give these a try. Also, these caramel macchiato k cups sound divine. Can't wait to pick some up on my next trip to the store. Thanks for sharing!


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