Happy Birthday Little Man

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Owen turns 4 today!

How has 4 years passed since this sweet, squishy boy was born?

Seems like yesterday....

He was so squeezable!
Him wearing a hat, makes me smile. Every. Time. Clearly it doesn't have the same effect on him :)
Owen has grown into a sweet, caring, hysterical, curious, brave, stubborn, wild and crazy little boy!

He loves to play pretend, drive or pretend to drive any big machines like tractors and 4-wheelers, swing, run, climb, dig, play with trucks, help daddy, use tools and play outside. He loves his little friends, his sister, Star Wars, the beach and to make people laugh!


We have not had a dull moment since this little man, made us a family of four. What a gift we were given to experience both a girl and a boy as parents. We are truly blessed!
Our family :)

Happy Birthday Owen!

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