Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Monday, July 7, 2014

There will be no meal planning today. This week is birthday week in our house! Both kiddos birthdays are this week and we have a friend birthday party mixed in, then Saturday we leave for vacation. So, this week, Olivia and Owen choose their dinners on their birthday nights and one night we are having pizza with all of Olivia's friends. The rest of the nights this week, we are eating what we have in the refrigerator so that we don't leave anything when we leave!! First up, Olivia's birthday!


Today my little lady is eight!

She is beautiful, fun, intelligent, creative, stubborn, sensitive, shy and caring!
She loves to dance, read, draw, paint, and create. She loves to do gymnastics, make silly faces, dress up, play games, swing, play with her American Girl dolls, shop, watch TV holding her guinea pig, swim, go to the beach and eat outside. She loves school, her friends, her brother and her cousins!
The time has gone so fast, it feels like just yesterday she looked like this...
We love this girl more than she could ever imagine. She is the one who made me a Mama and Mike a Daddy, eight years ago today! For that I am forever grateful...what a gift that is!

Happy 8th Birthday, Olivia!


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  1. Happy Birthday Olivia!!!! Katie, Nicholas and Grace!


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