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Friday, July 25, 2014

If you read my Moving Forward post, you know that I am taking the advice of my friends and ditching the scale. So instead of "weighing in" on the scale each Friday, I will "weigh in" on the Good and bad from the week and take a picture in a pair of goal jeans and report back on how they feel this week! I bought these jeans when they were on sale back in April hoping they would fit good soon after. Well.... now they fit worse than when I bought them :( So rather than have a weight goal, my first mini goal is to fit comfortably into these jeans!

 They don't look terrible when  you take a quick glance, but lets look a little closer. Notice the top of the jeans, that is not the way the shirt is laying that is some major muffin top...uughh. Then check out the back pockets, they need to move up a bit to be more flattering. I am maxing these jeans out, but I was a little bit happy when I put them on, because honestly I didn't think that I could button them and I did. So I will try them on every Friday and report back. Next week I think I will wear a colored tank to see a bit better, but at 6am I didn't feel like going to change into another tank after I took the pics :)
On to how the week went!
The Good....
  • I followed my meal plan for the week. The only night it was different was last night because I had planned for leftover lasagna, but it was my birthday and Mike ended up cooking Shrimp Scampi for me! Otherwise, we ate what I had planned each night.
  • I made the yummy lasagna and subbed ground beef for ground turkey and it was still delicious. I realized that I was making burgers on Monday so I didn't want ground beef so much this week and chose the turkey and I am glad I did. It was just as good! The other good thing about the lasagna was that I only ate one piece! It was so good, but I really wasn't hungry so I told myself I would save the leftovers and would be able to have it again. I did it! Portion control at its finest :)
  • I am finally getting my steps in again! I went for a couple of walks and one day did some pretty serious rock climbing near the ocean for over an hour. I was beat! I feel back on track!
  • I got up at 6am each morning this week (except my birthday, I did 7am, but that's a good exception!), one morning I even did 5:45 because I had a bunch to do before going out. I love that time in the morning!
    Right now I am drinking a latte from my new coffee mug Olivia bought me for my birthday! Love it!
The Bad and the Ugly...
  • This week my bad things are situational. It was my birthday week!
  • I went out to dinner Wednesday night, had a few drinks and dessert (but when I was full, I didn't make myself finish it). My dinner choice wasn't awful. I got a Greek pita with sweet potato fries. I guess it could have been better, but I didn't think it was terrible.
  • Last night Mike made Shrimp scampi and of course I had ice cream cake, but I didn't say oh its my birthday so that means I can eat crappy all day. I just splurged at dinner and dessert.
  • I didn't get my steps in on my birthday either...
  • Tonight we are going out to dinner for a date night and I plan to have fish or seafood. That is what I am craving. So I will try to make it on the lighter side. A couple of glasses of wine or a few beers will round off my evening I am is my birthday week afterall :)
All in all I feel good about this week. Yes, I didn't eat completely healthy and light every meal, but I don't feel that I overindulged and I didn't beat myself up about dessert on Wednesday night and even kind of felt good about the fact that I didn't finish it! So I think my new strategy is working.

To end today I want to show a few cute pics of the kiddos rock climbing at Fort Williams the other day! You will see that I wasn't kidding about serious rock climbing, but we had so much fun! Olivia was off climbing with her friend most of the time, so I didn't get a close up of her alone. She wouldn't sit inside the "cave" with Owen. What a great picture that would have been if she did! I don't look my best in the picture of the three of us, I don't even think my eyes are open, but look at Olivia's smile?!!! She looks great! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
Yay, for the weekend!

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