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Sunday, July 20, 2014

First of all, I want to thank everyone who answered my questions from my last post! click here to read. I got some comments on the blog, a few e-mails, plus I had a couple of chats with friends. There seems to be at least one quote or piece of advice that sticks with me from everyone! Today I am going to sum up the information and let you all know how I am going to put this in place in my life.

1. Instead of trying to jump in with exercise five days per week, start small and work up. I am less likely to get discouraged that way.

2. It is 90% about diet and 10% about exercise.
The first two made a big impact because when I finally hit rock bottom and decide to do something about my weight I go all in (5 days/week exercise and some diet) but it isn't my lifestyle (yet) so I struggle and fall behind. I only got 3 days of exercise in this week and then I am beating myself up about it. I cheated and ate that brownie, Oh well, I guess I will eat the rest of the brownies and start again tomorrow. Sound familiar?? So if I start slowly and work up, I can be proud of myself for my getting those two workouts instead of having to say, Why can't I do it??

3. It isn't about motivation, it is about making a choice.
So true, I don't have to be motivated to do my workout (although someday, I hope to get to that point), I just have to make the choice that I am doing it and I won't regret it!

4. Put the scale away, it can be discouraging.
This makes sense. I focus too much on the scale and when it doesn't show what I want I get discouraged. Well clearly I did crappy this week, so I will take the weekend off and start really strict on Monday. Sound familiar? The problem with this, is Monday, I am 5 pounds heavier and I work that off all week instead of just moving forward.

5. Work together with your husband as a "team" to make the time to exercise.
Mike and I really need to work at this. Because exercise isn't a habit for us, we really have to work on encouraging each other to start doing it. We aren't spring chickens anymore (although Mike will tell you he is:)...we need to start taking care of our bodies!

6. Do not diet. Don't do something that I can't stick to for the rest of my life. Learn to eat correctly and most of all use the theories, everything in moderation and portion control.
I am not going to count points for the rest of my life, I am not going to stop eating carbs forever or eat frozen meals long term. I need to stop stressing so much about food. Eat what makes my body feel good and treat myself in moderation.

7. The hour in the morning will pass either way, do I want to sleep through that time and regret it ALL day, or get up and do what I need to do and reward myself with a quiet cup of coffee or tea??
This will absolutely go through my head every morning, every day for the rest of my life. LOVE this perspective on time!

Thank you to Mix and Match Mama, Robin, Matt, Elizabeth and a few others for their answers!!

Now, how am I going to put this advice to work in my life? Here is the plan....

  • I am going to start waking up at the same time each morning. I am going to start at a reasonable time for me (6am) and work backwards. Once I get used to the new routine, I will get up a little earlier until I find a time that works for me.
  • I am going to use this time in the morning for quiet time, blogging and getting myself organized in the food department (grocery lists, meal planning and prep). Only two days a week, at first, will I use this time for exercise.
  • I am going to lose the diet mentality. I am not going to deprive myself from foods I enjoy, but try to really tune in to how foods make my body feel.
  •  I am going to ditch the scale. On weigh in Fridays I will take a picture in my jeans and a tank top. Each week, I will give you the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, take a picture and let you know how "the jeans fit!"
There you have my new outlook. It was great to be away and to have all this advice to think about and to really dig deep and decide what was going to work for me. I really thought about why I tend to "fall off the wagon" a few weeks in and how these tips could keep that from happening. I also realized how much I love blogging. I missed it while I was gone!

And just because I LOVE these and this is FUNNY and we all need a little funny in our day!
Have a Great Week!!

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