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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Part of my journey this year is to start a realistic budget that we can stick to while still being able to live comfortably and save for our second floor. Mike cringes a little at birthday time and Christmas because I sometimes go a bit lot overboard! So my first challenge was to give myself a budget for the kids birthday parties this year. I gave myself $200 for each party.

I love to plan a party and this one was no exception even if I did have to hold back a little :)

This is the breakdown...

Invitations: $15.53
Decorations: $37.70
Games: $34.03
Costumes: $45.78
Light sabers: $13.62
Food: $74.23
Total: $220.89
I went a little over but I am happy with this. There were a lot of other things I could have bought that I didn't. Trying to stick to a budget helped me to get just necessary things to throw a great party! Now for the cuteness and to see exactly what I spent the money on!
Since Owen's 2nd birthday I have used Sprout My Party on Etsy for his invitations. I have either used her stock invite or she has custom made one for me, like this year! If you check out her Etsy shop here, you will see that Owen is famous and his picture is on two of her invitations. Tractors and Fire trucks! Check it out, she is great to work with! How is this for cuteness?
Included in the price for decorations is also the paper products. I bought Star Wars themed large plates for breakfast and Star Wars napkins, but went with green and black small plates, cups, silverware and balloons to save on cost. I also bought a few cheap packages of star wars stickers that I put on the cups to make them Star Wars themed without the huge cost. The stickers were $1.88/package and each package had 32 stickers. I used them on the treat bags and the cups and still had some left over for Owen. The biggest unnecessary cost was the large decoration that we hung on the fence. I wanted to use it for pictures. I got a couple, but I don't know that it was worth it at $15.
Each child received a Jedi robe which I made out of a pillowcase. Simple, no sew and the kids LOVED them! I got the idea from a pin on Pinterest that led me to the blog, 3 Little Things. I got some fabulous ideas from her blog! These costumes were definitely costly because I couldn't find pillowcases as cheap as she did, but they were worth it. I also had some extras, so if I cut those out, I could be closer to my budget! Then I made the same pool noodle light sabers. I found noodles at the dollar store so that was great for the budget! They were cheap and simple to make.
When guests arrived the kids got to put on their robes and then we had breakfast. I served themed food as I see all over Pinterest. I got most of my cute breakfast ideas from this blog I found through Pinterest, All Betz are off, click here for her Star Wars Themed party. We had green yoda yogurt (green food coloring in vanilla yogurt) with optional fruit or granola additions, Leia buns (cinnamon buns), Hans casserole (egg, bacon, potato and cheese casserole, recipe found here), Starship Pancakes (They were all supposed to be shaped like starships but after the millennium falcon, it was clear we didn't have time for that, so we had one starship and the rest were flying saucers :), and Fruit sabers (grapes on a stick).
After breakfast we moved on to games. All the games were to learn how to become a true Jedi. The first game was fighting each other on a balance beam. All the kids picked a partner and took turns fighting with the light sabers on the piece of wood. We would let them go for a minute or so and then count down from 5, clap at the end and have them take a bow.
The second game was trying to keep up a balloon with the light saber. This was a little difficult outside with the wind. We lost a couple over the fence, and it was hot so we had a few pop, but it occupied them for a bit and they seemed to enjoy it.
Doesn't he look serious??

 Then Darth Vader came and this was by far the highlight of the party for me and everyone else. I asked them if Darth Vader came to the party did they feel they were ready to fight him? Did they learn enough to take him on? Well let me tell you, he could barely round the corner when all the kids attacked!! It was hysterical. My husband was a trooper! After a few minutes, Darth Vader surrendered! Some of the kids were shocked when Darth took off his mask and "it was Owen's Dad!" Too cute! I used the tablecloth idea from the 3 Little Things blog and also had to purchase the mask, that I did not add into the budget because I am considering it part of Owen's gift since he has barely taken it off since we bought it!
Those are the looks of kids having fun!! So cute!
Half Jedi/Half Darth Vader
Then I had purchased a millennium falcon pull string piñata. On the piñata there is only one string that works to pull the candy out. So I had everyone come and try to pull on a string (holding out the one that would work) and when no one got it, I told them their final challenge was to use the force to get it open. So we had one of the kids demonstrate how to use the force and they all closed their eyes and put their hands out and I pulled the string that worked to empty it. They were quite excited for the candy (and I am quite upset that I have no pictures of it)! I had gotten these Darth Vader heads after Easter time and used those in the piñata. The only disappointing thing was these were a bit big to really flood out. I think smaller candy would have made a bigger impact on the "force" working, but they loved it anyway.
Finally, they were all presented with their official Jedi training completion certificates which I found here for free on the blog Libbie Grove Design. Check it out, she has lots of party ideas! We took each of their pictures with their certificate which I plan to print and send off with thank you cards!

After all that, we had cake (well cupcakes) and ice cream to celebrate the birthday boy. I had ordered these kits from William Sonoma which I got on sale for $3.99. (click images to take you to Williams-Sonoma)||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Top_Marketing_Billboard||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Top_Marketing_Billboard
I made Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting for the "dark side" and White cupcakes with vanilla frosting for the rebel side. Making the cupcakes was easy with those cupcake wrappers and the character picks, and it cut down on cost for sure since I just bought two boxes of mix and two cans of frosting to use with them and we had 48 cupcakes!

I think the party was a huge success. The kids enjoyed themselves, I enjoyed watching them have fun and that makes it all worth it!

Need a laugh?? Since I like to "keep it real," this is what Owen did while people were having cake. Yes, we are glad he didn't wet his pants, but he clearly needs to learn about having some privacy :)
 To make it easier for people to get ideas if you are looking to plan a Star Wars birthday party I started a Pinterest for the blog and I made a Star Wars Party board. I put all the pins I used for ideas, plus some I did not. Click the "See on Pinterest" icon below and it will bring you right to my board on Pinterest!
Sorry it took so long to get this out, but we have been so busy so far this summer! We are finally settled down and enjoying a laid back few weeks before school starts again! Next up will be Olivia's Cupcake Wars party!


  1. My son would LOVE this party!! You did an awesome job! Where did you find those darth vader heads? And don't 4 year old pees outside too. And usually right in front of the neighbors!

    1. Good to know it isn't just our little guy :) I got the darth vader heads at Walmart after Easter. They were "eggs" shaped like darth vader and filled with candy! I bought them knowing we were doing a Star Wars party and figured I could do something with them!


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