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Monday, August 11, 2014

Good morning!

We have three weeks and one day before the kiddos head back to school...not that I'm counting. Last week, I couldn't wait (it was one of those weeks), but we had a good weekend and I get a little sad thinking how short of time we have left. I am sure that feeling is going to change daily from now until the first day! There is something wonderful about being spontaneous, having no schedule and being a bit lazy in the mornings. But then on the flip side there is nothing like a good routine!

Today I am linking up with All Kinds of Things Blog to talk about Back to School

All Kinds of Things
Olivia is in 2nd grade now and every year I feel that I just go out and buy clothes and supplies without a list and come home with a few too many of certain things, I forget things or by the time I go to buy something they are gone. So this year, I made a list of everything I would need to buy for back to school, fall through winter.
Back to School List for a Girl
  • Yoga (gym)
  • Leggings
  • Jeans (if she'll wear them)
Skirts and Dresses (3-5) - coordinate with legging colors
Long sleeve shirts  (5-7)
Short Sleeve shirts (5-7)
Zip Up Sweatshirt
Underwear (we always throw out the old and get new for back to school)
Sports bra/tanks
Socks (same as underwear, we throw out and get new, they just get dingy after a year of use or maybe that's my laundry skills or lack there of....but nonetheless, we buy new every year!)
Dress shoes
Winter Boots
Rain Boots
Fall Jacket
Rain Jacket (or a fall and rain combined)
Hat (2)
Mittens/Gloves (2)
Snow pants
Extras - These are specific to your child, but Olivia does dance, so this is the list she needs.
Leotard for dance
Jazz shoes
Ballet shoes
Backpack (I have previously bought a new backpack every year, but I think it is getting excessive so I said one more, and then she won't get a new one until Middle School.)
Lunch box - these are in rough shape by the end of the year, usually, so this is a yearly purchase.
Then we get a list from the teacher each year and go out and grab those supplies.
To Do
Get organized and ready
Enjoy the last few weeks of fun!
I have found this list to be very helpful. I don't always have to buy everything on the list every year if something still fits from last year, but at least I have a check list to go through and see what I have or need. I have previously found myself going out to get a fall jacket and there are already winter jackets out. Or going to get winter boots and having a limited selection to choose from. One year we waited until the end of the summer to shop for the list of supplies the teacher gave us and couldn't find a pencil box anywhere. I learned to do the shopping at the beginning of August for supplies or else you will have slim pickings!
So 3 more weeks until my little lady is officially a 3rd grader and my little guy will be in his last year of preschool. He is already saying he doesn't want to go back, he would love to stay with mommy! Olivia LOVES school and is excited for it! I am glad for her! But whether we want it to happen or not, we will be picking out the first day of school outfit and making pancakes in the morning of the big day before we know it!
1st Grade Back to School outfit
Hope someone finds my list helpful! Now lets take a stroll down memory lane at Back to School from the past....
1st day of Preschool 2009

1st day of Olivia's second year of preschool 2010

Sassy kindergartner 2011

One of my all time favorite pictures...

The family 2011

1st Day of 1st Grade 2012

1st Day of 2nd Grade 2013

Owen's 1st day of Preschool 2013
 I am not going to lie, it gets me a little emotional to look back at how much they have grown. Especially, Olivia. Where did my little girl go? Have a great Monday!


  1. Thanks for linking up today! Great list- was very helpful for me as my son starts Kindergarten next week!

  2. Love your organization! So glad you joined us today!


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