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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Or lack there of, I should say! I don't really have an office, but I do have an "office space!" Today I am linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals again to have you take a peek into my home.

When we talked with the designer about our house plans, one of my requirements was a desk space either in or near the kitchen. I had seen spaces like this in some pictures and just thought, how perfect the set up was. We wanted to be able to put the family computer on this desk, so that someday (that day has already come) when the kids started using the computer, we would be able to monitor. It is also convenient when I sit down to make the grocery list, I am not far from the pantry or fridge! And when I am working at the desk, I am never far from what is going on in the house!

Welcome to my office nook...

This space is at the end of the hallway that goes down to the kitchen. On one side is a doorway into the laundry room and the other is a doorway that is currently my bedroom, but will eventually be the front entrance to the house, with some large coat closets and the stairs to the second floor!

The desk almost never looks this clean. Even today as I am writing this, one day later, it doesn't look like this. But I do enjoy it while it lasts...which is not even 24 hours, hence the need for this picture which sits atop of my shelf...
Of course I can't have an office space without some cute artwork made for me by the kiddos.

Each person in the family has a cubby with their name on it. Things go in those cubbies to never be seen again. I still don't know what to realistically use these cubbies for. If anyone has some great ideas for me, I would love to hear them.

Now that I have lived with the desk area for about 6 months or so, I feel it is time to make it work for me. But I am kind of at a loss as to how that is :) Nothing I have tried so far has kept the clutter off the desk!

I do love my drawers and cupboard. It is nice to be able to close off some things that I don't want to have to display nicely and it is a good hiding place when things are looking out of control on the desk. Notice the large stack in that flowered bin...yeah that has been there for pretty much the whole 6 months. I occasionally have to go through it to look for something and every time I think, I need to just put all this stuff somewhere. But there it stays. Paper work seems never ending and I need a system...anyone have a suggestion??

Here is another peek at the whole system...

Notice the great filing cabinet drawers for the dreaded paperwork, how wonderful those would be if I had a system! Notice a theme here? I love what the space looks like, but I need to get it better organized. The whole area was designed with organization in mind, and I told Mike that I would never be disorganized again with this fantastic desk....well....

So what do you all do with your incoming mail and paperwork? With the school year starting, the influx of paperwork will increase drastically and I want to be ready!

I am glad I could show you my office space. Unfortunately, we do not have a playroom to show. The kids bedroom and my living room are the kids playroom for now. There are days I can barely walk through my house, and on those days I wish for a playroom, but we are making do with what we have for now!
Thanks for coming in to my office! Have a great day!


  1. You should check out Jen's blog, I Heart Organizing. She has a plethora of ideas andots of free printables.

  2. I have a little nook right off the kitchen too and love it, but it's not nearly as clean as yours. Haha.

    1. Mine hardly ever looks like this...I promise :)

  3. I love your clean house sign. Where did you get it?

  4. I love your kitchen nook! (I hate going between my desk and the kitchen so I'm jealous...) Real Simple has had some great articles in the past about organizing desk space. I heard somewhere that you should touch a piece of paper one time when moving it to the right spot. Also, I've stopped bringing junk mail into our home. It goes straight into the recycling bin outside.

  5. What a great space. Love it


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