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Friday, August 22, 2014

It's Friday, but this week I am linking up with Momfessionals and A Little Bit of Everything to talk about my Friday favorites. I am skipping How the Jeans Fit Friday and will be back next week after my nutritionist appointment. Quite honestly, there isn't a whole lot of difference from last week to this I will update you next week!

This week the first thing that sticks out in my head is that tonight is date night with my hubby! I love date night! I love being able to go out to dinner and have great conversation (uninterrupted) and just take our time with whatever it is we decide to do. Tonight I am hoping for some good weather so that we can have dinner outside by the ocean somewhere! And the best part is, we are going out again next Friday!
This picture is from our June date night!
I am feeling ready for back to school....very ready. We had such a great great! I will be  posting about summer in a few different September posts. But over the last few weeks, on and off, I have been feeling done and, really, so have the kids. Olivia says she can't wait to go back to school! Here are the reasons that I love back to school....
  1. Back to school shopping - Ever since I was a kid, I loved to school shop! Loved getting new school supplies and clothes and I have definitely passed that on to Olivia. She loves to shop. Loves to try on clothes and loves to buy supplies! We have so much fun shopping and getting ready for back to school together and that has become a favorite part of summers end for me!

  2. Fall - Even though it won't be officially fall until later in September the second the kids go back to school it will be officially fall in my eyes! Fall is by far my favorite season. I love the weather, the scenery, the activities that come with fall, apple picking, pumpkin carving. I love the holidays in fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love to cook in fall with apples and pumpkin. I really just LOVE it! So school starts September 2nd and that day will be fall in our house!
    Our Pumpkin/scarecrow family from last year!
  3. Routine - Like I said we had a great summer, but we went far, far away from having any sort of routine this summer. We stayed up late, slept in and just enjoyed. But over the last few weeks it is catching up with the kids. They are tired and it is showing in their behavior. So I am looking forward to having routine again. I think I need it as much as they do, although by the end of the school year I will be craving a little unstructured time...funny how that works! We started a little this week, but next week we will be back to normal bedtimes and waking up early, to get prepared for the following week!
    He said he wasn't tired!!
  4. Alone time - Although I will miss my kids, especially at first. I do love my alone time. Olivia is in school all day, and Owen will be in preschool 3 mornings a week for 3 hours. Even though all I am doing is grocery shopping, running errands and cleaning by myself. Those 9 hours a week where I can do those things alone, I have really grown to love! I can actually concentrate on the task at hand instead of always multi tasking which is amazing :)

First Day of school for Olivia and Owen last year...

So we will be enjoying our last week of summer and then it will be our favorite time of year :)
P.S. Another one of my favorite things is throwing a party! If you missed it yesterday I FINALLY blogged about Olivia's Cupcake Wars birthday party. Click here to read it. Earlier in the summer I did Owen's Star Wars party. Click here for his!

Happy Friday!!


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