How the Jeans Fit Friday #2

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Good morning! I am a day late on this post. I did take the picture yesterday, but didn't get the post done. Sorry! Wow, these weeks are flying by. Before you know it, we will be back to our school routine. I definitely don't feel ready yet, but maybe in a few weeks I will change my mind :)

This was a pretty good week overall. I did great at the beginning of the week with eating and stuck to the meal plan all week! I was having some vicious cravings for peanut butter come Wednesday which made me eat a lot of my leftover peanut pasta (perfect timing for that recipe) and a few, or a box, of Reese's pieces. I got through it though and feel pretty good. But how does all this feel in the jeans?? Let's take a look....
Honestly, I would say that there wasn't a huge difference from last week to this week, but it is only a week, so that is understandable! I am hoping that in a few weeks I notice a huge difference, but for this week I was just glad that I could still button them :)
The Good...
  • I stuck to  my meal plan all week! I cooked all the planned meals and did get Subway for dinner on the beach and that was great and so much fun! As for all the meals, I made some really yummy things this week and I am going to start a recipe review post once a month to let you know how all the meals on the meal plan are! I think I have a favorite this week, but you will have to wait to find out what it is!
  • I grocery shopped on Sunday this past week and spent the afternoon preparing food for the week. I made a pasta salad, that served for sides two nights and one days lunch. I marinated some chicken for Monday night and used the leftover cooked chicken for lunch salads. Then I cut up the rest of the raw chicken and put it in a ziplock for Tuesday night which saved that step and made the recipe go so fast. I am going to try prepping again this week, it made such a difference for me!
  • I got up early almost every day. Friday and Saturday I slept in. I definitely need to get to bed at night even earlier because Friday night I slept (with some interruptions) from 8pm until 8am. I clearly needed to catch up on sleep. We have been so busy that me and the kids are just beat! We will catch up this weekend and next week I hope to get up early every day! When I do it, it is fabulous!
  • I got my steps in 2 days. Not enough, but at least I can say 2 and not none!
The Bad and the Ugly...
  • I gave in to some serious peanut butter cravings this week, and not as much in moderation as I would like to say, but I am over it now and have moved on.
  • I ate ice cream Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I love ice cream and it is something we love to do in the summer. It was a different place each time. I made good choices for the most part, and when I was getting a treat I made it a mini size or a small. So it wasn't terrible, but I need to lay off the ice cream this week!
  • Other than walking I didn't do any formal exercise this week. I really want to get more in next week. Even the walking was only two days and the rest of the days I didn't get my steps in.
On one day I forgot to put my fitbit back on after I showered so that is why the day is unusually low. Friday I started having trouble with my fitbit, halfway through the day I realized it wasn't working. So I have it charging again and hope that it will start working.
So overall, not the best stats for the week, but I feel a lot better! I think I have a better attitude this week. Even though once I sat down to think of the things that didn't go well this week, and realized that the list was a little long, I didn't notice it in how I felt, so maybe that is progress? Really I just need to lay off the ice cream and do an exercise video or two!!

Have a Great Weekend!

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