How the Jeans Fit Friday #3

Friday, August 8, 2014

Hmmm....what to say about this week?? Not my best. Actually kind of emotional. I had a physical and I got on the scale and almost started to cry. I felt that I had been doing well with my non diet mentality, but clearly not so much. It has only been 2 weeks, but the scale was not my friend :(

So what does an emotional eating overweight girl do when she gets home from this depressing physical? Well clearly she eats a whoopie pie. What else?? And the doctor is sending me to a nutritionist and that nutritionist is going to track my eating, so what does this girl need to do from now until then, well eat everything I know I won't be able to soon...right? No? Not a good idea? Oh right because the whole reason I am upset is because of my weight...and maybe the answer is to do something about it? Then the light bulb goes on, not quite soon enough, judging by how the jeans fit, but on regardless! And what does that light bulb say...

It is time to make getting fit and eating healthy your part time job...

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What you say? My kids are heading back to school in a few weeks. Granted Owen isn't full time, but he is gone 9 hours a week. I need to take the time to research recipes and breakfast and lunch ideas. I need to take the time to exercise. I need to take the time to prep food. I need to take the time like it is my job. I need to do this because it isn't just a vanity thing anymore, it is my health and I need to get it under control. I need a lifestyle change and I need to slowly incorporate that into my life so it sticks.

Now back to our regular scheduled Friday! 

So how do the jeans fit this week? Well not so good....

They definitely fit worse than last week. They still button which is a plus but the top kept rolling down on me. I was stretching these babies to the max, for sure :(

The Good...
  • I stuck to the meal plan all week! The only different thing was we never got to the beach this week, so the night I planned on Subway we did grill cheeses and fruit instead.
  • I got my steps in two days....
  • I got up early almost everyday. I am definitely getting used to getting up earlier, but need to get to bed earlier because I am exhausted by the end of the week that I end up sleeping in.
The Bad and the Ugly...
  • I did stick to the dinner meal plan, but my other choices were not great...whoopie pies, chocolate bars, ice cream...see a theme??
  • I did not get my steps in for 4 days. UUGHHH...check out one of those days. I wish I had seen that number before bed because that's a walk around the house for a few minutes number. Oh well.
  • I didn't do any exercise except going for a walk one night...see not a great week.
So, I am looking forward to my new job. It is time for us to slow down and get back into a routine before school starts again. So I am going to plan "work" in the morning before the kids get up and then an hour or so in the afternoon while the kids have a "rest" time. In a few weeks I will have a lot more time to "work!"

I have already started researching some health and fitness blogs that I can follow and link up with. I can already tell that I will get some great tips from these women! Hopefully, someday, I will be giving out great tips and advice too!

For this coming week my plan is to incorporate more water into my diet. The days go by and at the end of the day I realize that I am pretty thirsty. I haven't been drinking nearly enough. So for next week, I will keep up with my non diet mentality (but not going crazy like this week) and focus on drinking a ton of water. That is step one to my lifestyle change! Next week I will be linking up on Wednesday with a new blog to document what I eat for an entire day. That will be great motivation! And I am continuing my research on health and fitness. Stay tuned!

Have a Great Weekend!!

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