Nutritionist Appointment Follow Up

Thursday, August 28, 2014

So I went to the nutritionist...and I have nothing to say about it. No, I do, but let me start by saying that it was just a giant waste of money for me. Unfortunately, she can not flick a switch inside of me to stop me from eating things I shouldn't. DARN. Wouldn't that be fabulous!

I had to track what I ate before the appointment. And guess what? On a regular basis I eat really well. My breakfasts, lunches and dinners at home are perfect...hear that? Perfect. I put meals together correctly. They are well rounded mixtures of protein, healthy fat, carbs, fruit and veggies.

My snacks can use some help. I should try for fruit or veggies first. I eat a lot of peanut butter. Totally fine at breakfast, but I should try to cut down on it the rest of the day and if I am going to have it at snack, have it on an apple instead of graham crackers. Easy fixes no biggie.

My love of ice cream did not go unnoticed. I need to use this treat like that, as a treat. I can do that especially with summer coming to a close, it won't be something that we regularly do. As for needing sweets, don't deprive myself, but try something different first and then try for something small and see if the craving subsides. Ok, I can try that.

When I asked about a sugar detox, she kind of blew that question off. I need to cut down but I don't need to remove it from my diet. There is no quick fix for losing weight and learning to eat healthy. Yes, I know, because if there was, I am sure I would have found it by now :)

I need to eat less of this stuff and more of....

Ok so my problems, besides tweaking my snacks a bit, are eating out and portion control. When I eat out, I don't make the best decisions. One night I went out to dinner with my friend, I had 1/2 of a small order of fried clams, a lobster roll served with French fries and 3 beers. Her suggestion was to pick off my friends plate...seriously :) She said, if I was going to split the fried clams I should have gotten a salad with my lobster roll and just had a few of my friends French fries. Ha! Then maybe cut down to 2 beers and it would have cut down on a significant amount of calories. I see the logic in friends might not appreciate my new mentality when I am eating off their plates on future dinner dates!

An example of portion control was a dinner we had with family. Hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries and salad were served. I had all of it. One cheeseburger, one hot dog, a serving of fries (or lets be real, it was probably 2 servings) and salad. She said I should have served myself the cheeseburger with a bun, a few fries and a large serving of salad. Then if I was really still hungry I could have had a hot dog, but I should have had it without the bun since I had already had the bun and the fries. Makes sense to me.

I need to eat less of this stuff and more of....

So what did I learn? Again I say really nothing. Why? Because I know ALL of this. I have known ALL of this, but I haven't changed. So one thing I guess that was good about the appointment is that it was kind of an eye opener to realize this. The only thing that needs to change is me. It isn't that I can't stop myself from eating sugar, and that I can't make better choices, it is that I am not. So, there you have it folks, the answer to this problem is ME. As I said before, I will be making this journey my part time job! I have had limited time these last few weeks of summer. But I have started a list of necessary things for me to do starting next week when we get back into our routine!

The people that are successful with weight loss all seem to do these same things.
1. Meal plan *

2. Grocery shop *

3. Food prep each week

3. Have a stock of freezer meals to use each week

 I already do Numbers 1 and 2. I am halfway there! Now I have to start taking the time to prep for the week ahead. Cut up veggies, divide out snacks so they are easy to grab and prep as much as I can for the weeks dinners. This is not a new concept for me, but nothing that I do on  a regular basis. When I do this, I love how it makes me feel for the week. So now, I have to schedule the time for it every week!
Lastly, freezer meals. This is something that I have not done on a large scale. I have put aside one or two meals at one time or another, but have never spent a few hours putting together a ton of meals for the future, this makes total sense though. If I am going to be taking this journey, I can not eat out or get take out all the time which means that I am cooking 7 nights a week...7 nights. Cooking is not my favorite thing. So if I had freezer meals twice a week that I could just pop into the crockpot or the oven...easy peasy. Then one night is a quick and easy homemade pizza, and one night is usually breakfast for dinner on our busy late nights. So that takes care of 4 nights which means only 3 nights of real cooking. I think I can handle that.
From now on these things will be written on the calendar like an activity or appointment. So there will be no excuse! I will grocery shop and prep on Sunday late afternoons. This way I can shop and then prep as I am getting ready to make dinner. No sense in making a mess twice. Then I scheduled a morning while Owen is in school to make my freezer meals. I will post about this in more detail when I do it!
The other key component to all of this, is of course, exercise. This is something else that I am going to have to schedule in. But that is an action plan for another day. I am still working on my goals for that! I am getting in some here and there, but after school starts I will find the schedule that works for me to get it in at least 5 days per week. My hope is that by a few weeks into the school year, I have a great routine started that I can follow for 9 months while the kids are in school and it will be such a habit that I won't "fall off the wagon" come next summer! Here's to hoping :)
Come on back tomorrow for How the Jeans Fit Friday! 


  1. Sandy- I know how you feel ! We all do KNOW this...its doing it that's hard ! I am like you - when I eat out I have no control...I feel I deserve those foods I never have at home...and as WW teaches us , it really comes down to portion control...and some portions are small to me ! I seem to need quantity. I make a big pot of all veggie soup I have for the week with my lunch to help fill me. Am eating lots of fruit with every meal and in between too. Luckily I don't have a sweet tooth , but love good bread and wine. sigh...we'll keep trying ! Now with the kids in school hope you get out and walk every day! Good luck ! Peggy

    1. Thanks Peggy! It is hard, but I do have a good feeling for when we settle back into a routine! We can do this :)


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