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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Time for the first August meal plan! We are closing in on fall around here, can you believe it? The weather has been feeling "fallish" and that I love, but I am not ready for the routine of school again. This month we are going to use the grill as much as possible because soon I will be pulling out the crock pot and using the stove more and more.

Week of August 4th

Oatmeal Recipe here or English muffin with Peanut butter.

Turkey pita, Grilled chicken salad or dinner leftovers.

Dinner Plans for:

MondayGrilled Shrimp Tacos from Mix and Match Mama. We were supposed to have these Sunday night, but ended up going to my parents for dinner. So we had them last night instead!

Tuesday - Subway - dinner on the beach. We aren't set on a day yet, but hoping for tonight!

Wednesday - Egg sandwiches - we are done with dance, but we are sticking with this easy dinner!

Thursday - Caprese Turkey Burgers from Mix and Match Mama - I am trying to test out all of her burgers for our last month of summer!

Friday - Pizza night!

Saturday - Steak with a pasta salad filled with veggies on the side! For Pasta Salad recipe click here.

Sunday - Hot Dogs for the kids and Grilled chicken sausage with onions for Mike and I.

I have mentioned before how much I hate everything to do with meal planning and grocery shopping. Well I found something that has changed my life. I shop at Hannaford for my grocery shopping. The Hannaford a few towns over has put in a Hannaford To Go. Which means that you order your groceries online and then just go pick them up. This was amazing!! Yes I had to drive extra to get there (my Hannaford is 5 minutes away, this one was 15) but totally worth it. I placed the order in the morning and said I would pick up between 3pm and 4pm. I drove up, told them my name. They brought out my list and told me if they needed to make any substitutions, told me my total and took my payment. A few minutes later they came out with my receipt and groceries and loaded up my car. Off we went. Less than 5 minutes and we had our groceries and were headed home!  AMAZING! I will never grocery shop again!!

Making the list online was perfect, you really got to think about what you wanted, compare products, etc. You also got to keep track of what you were spending without bringing a calculator to the store! I made a few mistakes myself and ordered 2 of certain things, so my total was just about what I usually would spend, but without those duplicates I definitely saved money! No impulse purchases just stuck to the list! Life changing for the girl who hates to grocery shop! If you have one of these in your area, I recommend you check it out! You won't find me grocery shopping anymore :)

Happy Tuesday! 

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