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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Today I am linking up with Jenn, at Peas and Crayons to show you "What I Ate Wednesday" or Tuesday actually!

I said in my last How the Jeans Fit Friday, that I was doing some research on some blogs and link ups that I could follow that have to do with health and fitness, because well, that is a huge part of my journey and I need to find some friends out there in the blog world that are struggling through it as well or who are nailing it and I can get some advice!

Today I am showing you what I ate yesterday. My day started great and sort of went downhill at dinner, but I am keepin it real over here....

I started the day with a yummy breakfast! Usually I throw peanut butter on a wheat English muffin and call it good, but I felt that was boring so I wanted to make it more interesting for my picture and what I created was delicious! I topped a wheat English with some natural peanut butter, half of a banana and a little bit of honey. Oh boy was it good! So good, I just had it again this morning!

For snack I had a string cheese, which I didn't think to take a picture of.
For lunch, I made a turkey sandwich on oatmeal bread. Turkey, Dijon mustard and lettuce. On the side I had bell pepper strips and a light Italian dressing to dip. It was very good and very filling!
I cleaned my room yesterday and when I say clean I mean, I took everything out of my room except for the furniture. I went through everything and put only what needed to be in the bedroom, back in. This is a post for a different day, but I was super busy all day as you can imagine. Then I had book club last night, so I needed to shower and get ready. My plan for dinner was egg sandwiches which Mike was supposed to make before I left, but he got caught up in work. So 15 minutes before I left, I stuck leftover macaroni and cheese from the kids lunch into the microwave and ate that for my dinner...

Then I brought this to book club...

I didn't eat any of it at book club, but I had a brownie and a cookie when I got home with the leftovers. At book club I stuck with the veggies and dip, but did have a few chips with pickle dip, and a few pita chips with a strawberry dip.

This project of documenting what I eat, is an eye opener. This is going to be something that I do regularly as I continue with my journey. As I write this, I am thinking, wow right there is part of the reason I struggle with my weight. At the end of the day, while I was hungry and in a rush, I did not make the best choice.

So my question today is what do you keep on hand to eat in a rush for a meal?


  1. I love to have the Starkist flavored tuna packets on hand, for something easy and fast. The ranch and lemon pepper are my favorites (if you like tuna). I'm terrible at raiding the fridge/pantry at night, once the kids are in bed, but I found that I can slice a banana, warm up a bit of natural peanut butter and drizzle it on top, for a sweet snack. I might throw on a few mini chocolate chips, too!

    1. I do like Tuna and that is a great idea! Thanks! I will definitely be trying that dessert...yum :)

  2. Hey sandy! (It's tamson). I find that I do best if I meal prep. Otherwise I grab whatever& it's not always the best choice. I even prep my veggies, cut up everything& place in the fridge for quick snacks. I try to have apples on hand (with 2 tablespoons pb) & berries as well. I make a dish on Sundays& divide into serving & keep frozen veggies on hand to add as a side. My new favorite is turkey burger with Italian diced tomatoes and kale with mrs.dash seasoning. It's a little time consuming to do and sometimes I'm up late after the kids go to bed to get it done but I find it helpful for me to stay on track. If you can decrease your carb and sugar count you will find that you don't crave sweets. Hope this helps! Xo

  3. I've been loving English Muffins for breakfast the past week- so good!

    This mindset that you've adopted is really great, Sandra- it will be an eye opener and hopefully help you out with your long term goals! As for food on hand, I tend to do a small food prep on weekends of some proteins, potatoes/sweet potatoes and easy veg- throw together and done. Otherwise tinned fish with some bread- a quick sandwich!

    1. I think food prep is going to be key for me. I have been doing a little research on getting started with that and once school starts I will have some more time to get into the habit of it! Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Love the blog Sandy! Can't wait to tryout your tips and recipes.


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