First Day of School - Olivia

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Good morning! It is Thursday now and school is off to a great start! Olivia is so happy to be back and all her back to school jitters have disappeared! Here is how the first day went down....

To prepare for the first day we made Rice Krispie treats together. This was fun to do together the afternoon before the big day and it serves as her "treat" snack for her lunches this week!

She tried on clothes to pick a first day of school outfit which proved to be difficult. We didn't buy much in preparation for heat because we had fall weather the last few weeks of August. Well, it has heated back up around here and the only thing she had new for hot weather were a couple of dresses, which she randomly decided she wanted me to return. She doesn't want to wear them. One she didn't like the material, one she just decided she wouldn't wear. Hmmmm?? Does she not like them or doesn't want to wear dresses anymore? Who knows! Anyway you can't go to the first day of school wearing something old, it has to be my eyes anyway! So she decided on her new pink capris and her butterfly shirt. When she got home, she did admit she should have worn something else because she felt a little hot at school.

Monday night we did all the grooming essentials, including cutting and painting nails! Guess what color she chose to paint her nails? Green of course! So she got a mani/pedi given by me! Remember when I talked about those Essie drying drops? I used them on Olivia after I painted her nails maybe 20 minutes before bed and she woke up with perfectly shiny nails! Love those drops!

silly girl!

In the morning she woke to her green breakfast! She loved it!

The pancakes are green, but it is hard to see in the picture!

She was feeling a little nervous she said, but had a great morning. Got ready, did her chores and then even had time to play!

When it was time to leave we took the usual first day of school pictures in the backyard in front of our blueberry bushes....

Then it was off to school. We all took her as a family and walked her down to her classroom. She immediately had a friend that came up and hugged her and the teacher told her what she needed to do when she entered the classroom. So with a quick hug and kiss, she was officially a third grader and off we went!

Owen had a friend over to hang out later in the morning. His best buddy, Emily, also has a sister in third grade, so we made some cookies for their sisters to have after school! I decided on the Butterscotch Maple No Bake cookies from Mix and Match Mama. They did everything but the stove stirring and couldn't quite get the concept of putting small scoops a few inches apart on the wax paper, so we made it more like a bar. They just scooped it all on the wax paper and patted it down. After it chilled I cut it in half and sent half home with Emily and cut our half into squares. Yum!


Owen had a little rest on the couch with a movie and then we walked down to pick Olivia up. I couldn't wait to hear all about the day. I asked a million questions!! Halfway home I got an exasperated "MOM" from Olivia because of all my questions, so I said OK, tell me whatever you want to tell me, and she did. She talked a lot!! Day two was even better. She filled me in on all the details and the part that made me the happiest was when she told me how much she loves her new teacher!! That is always such a relief as a parent to know that she likes the person she will spend a great deal of time with for the next nine months! Third grade is off to a great start!
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Tomorrow, come on back for How the Jeans Fit Friday! Can you believe it is almost Friday?

Have a great Thursday!

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