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Friday, September 19, 2014

Ok, I have thought long and hard about it and have decided not to do How the Jeans Fit Friday every week. The post takes a while to do and because of the content, I can't work on it ahead of time, so it makes it hard to be on the schedule each week. I am thinking every other week, with the first Friday of the month being a scale edition. I am going to look at the calendar and figure the schedule out today! Keep you posted!

I am excited that it frees up some of my Fridays to join in with Momfessionals and A Little Bit of Everything for Friday Favorites! I really enjoy the favorites posts!

This week I am doing favorite moments!

#1 Paint Nite


Monday night I went to my second Paint Nite and it is so much fun!! It is great to spend some time with girlfriends, getting to chat and have fun and be creative at the same time!
Last time I went, I made this picture...
and had just as much fun with some of my friends...

This is for sure one of my favorite activities to do with my girlfriends, but the only problem is, where do I hang all the pictures???!!

#2 Swim Lessons

This has to be Owen's least favorite activity, but it is one of my favorite moments this week, because he did great and I was so proud of him.
He was ready with his best buddy!
He even has a smile! And last session he sat up on the deck the whole time, so we made HUGE progress!

No more smile, but last session he had arms around the instructors neck and I swear she had claw marks! HUGE progress! And while we talk about favorites this swim instructor is by far my favorite of all we have had! He was so, so good with the kids!

#3 Olivia's Christmas List

Olivia is a planner like her mother. I have already started Christmas shopping and she is already making lists! I came home from Paint nite the other night and found a pile of Christmas list drafts and this one was my favorite...
She loves American Girl if you can't tell! The "If I'm super good...extras.." cracks me up!! This isn't her final list. Her final list includes 8 things because she is 8. Love her thinking, but just three things on her list add up to $700 (gotta love American Girl prices) so I am hoping for another revision :)

#4 Today because...

1. It is Friday - TGIF
2. I am making this wreath with my friend today.
Source Click here
3. It's Pizza and Movie night in our house and I love it! Tonight, we won't watch a movie though, we will watch our new Favorite show...
We have been purchasing the seasons on Amazon and we are getting ready to start season 3 tonight!
That's it for today! Have a great weekend! 


  1. I love Paint Nite (we have Art on Tap here)! So much fun with a bunch of girlfriends. I love the wreath too!

  2. I love that we both posted about full house!!! We need a remake!!!


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