How the Jeans Fit Friday #6

Friday, September 12, 2014

Ok, so another week has gone by and I really didn't think I would get a chance to do this post...AGAIN! What a crazy busy week! But...I feel like I have had some successful weeks overall. Except for yesterday, when my friend forced candy, goodies and beer into my mouth, (obviously, because I wouldn't do it willingly, right??!) I have eaten really well, stuck to my meal plans and my steps are increasing! I can't complain about this. I am on the right track!

So how do the jeans fit? Better!!! I can definitely button them with a little less force :) I still wouldn't wear them, because they roll down and show a bit (or a lot) of muffin top. So, I won't be leaving the house in them quite yet, but it is exciting that I am feeling some progress.

Gotta love the "real" look of my house, toys in the background and a dirty mirror :)

Also, last week when I hosted the baby shower, I was stressed about what to wear and I ended up fitting into a pair of capris that I had. Talk about excited! I couldn't have worn a tight shirt, but it worked and I was happy!

The Good...
  • The jeans are fitting better and that is motivating so, I have to mention it again!
  • My steps are increasing. Here are a few great days from the last few weeks

  • Then I had some really close days...these are so annoying when I don't see this before bed. This is walk around the house until I get the steps, close. Oh well!
  • I prepped meals and did freezer meals this week, which I will go into detail about in a post next week.
  • I kept up with my water intake, so I feel like this is becoming a good habit!
The Bad and the Ugly...
  • Like I said, yesterday was not a great eating day for me and it wasn't entirely (or at all) my friends fault :) It started in the morning actually, I felt like snacking yesterday and I didn't stop myself. Then we ended up staying for dinner at friends and had a few drinks. I love doing that kind of stuff and I won't stop being social because of my weight, but today I am making sure to make good choices and I have!
  • I did not get my steps in every day and skipped a walk yesterday to get some things done which I probably shouldn't have done, but it decreased my list for today so it felt worth it!
  • I did not get up early every day this week. I only did it the first two days of the week, but I did not go to bed early either, so I really need to work on that. The mornings go much smoother when I am up and ready so I need to make it a priority!
All in all, not a bad week! Tonight I am going to make pizza and have it with a big salad to make up for yesterday! I have decided that I am going to start getting on the scale, but only once per month because I want to track my weight a little bit. I totally agree that I shouldn't get on it as much as I was, I do think it helps my attitude about weight loss, but I am dying to get on the scale, so I think monthly would be a good alternative. Next week, I will do How the jeans fit with a scale picture as well!

Have a fabulous weekend! Be back on Monday with Meal Plan Monday, that will include some of my new freezer meals, can't wait!!



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