Nautical Themed Baby Shower

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Two weeks ago, I hosted a baby shower for one of my best friends, Amanda. As I have mentioned before I love to plan a party so I was so excited to plan something different than a kids birthday party. That is until the day of, when I all of a sudden got nervous that I forgot something, since I haven't planned anything except a kids birthday party in years :) But, it was a huge success. I was super happy with how it turned out!

First we decided on a location for the shower since I did not have the space at my house to host the number of people needed. Thanks to a friend, I found out that a really cute Mr. Bagel in the same town that my friend Amanda lives, rents their space for events, and they make more than bagels so you can have variety in your food choices!

Then we chose a theme for the shower. Amanda was decorating the nursery in a Navy Blue, Red and White Nautical theme and her husband is in the coast guard. So what better way to decorate the shower but with the same theme! There are so many cute nautical things out there, so we had lots to work with!

Then I called on my "invitation lady", as I call her when I talk to Mike about getting invitations! Her name is Megan and you can find her shop, Sprout My Party on Etsy. She is wonderful. I told her the theme and she sent me this invitation. Perfection!

Then I started thinking about decorations. This is probably my favorite part of planning a party. I love to make things look pretty, cute, classic or fancy :) I knew that I would use Navy Blue and Red tablecloths for the tables. So first, I was thinking about centerpieces. I had seen some diaper cakes on Etsy that were really cute and I knew I could make them. I made them nautical themed and put them on the tables as centerpieces. To make them you need diapers, rubber bands, wide ribbon, curling ribbon (or other material for the "icing"), and a topper (mine were wooden shapes from the craft store that I painted). They were super easy to make, came out adorable and doubled as part of the present because you can use the diapers after!

Then I contacted my "invitation lady" and asked her if she could also make me three 8x10 prints to match the theme of the invitation. I was thinking two pictures on the sides and then words for the middle picture. What she sent me was perfect! I just love how they turned out. I put them in frames and set them on this little half wall at the shower. Again, a super cute shower themed decoration that doubled as a present! Can't beat that!

For a game, I decided on a Bingo game that was nautical themed and I found it at Studio20Designs shop on Etsy. I printed them off and placed one at each seat. I also got the My wish for baby themed sheet that people could fill out. I placed one at each place setting so that they were part of the d├ęcor. They looked perfect!

The favor, was a starfish. I ordered the starfish from MacDriftwood on Etsy. Can you tell I like Etsy when I plan a party??!! I was thinking that I would make it a hanging ornament and bought some Navy Blue yarn, but then I didn't like the way they were turning out. So, I made some striped cardstock and hot glued them onto it. I printed off a page filled with "Thank you for coming" and cut them out and pasted on the back of the card. They weren't exactly what I had in mind, but I did like the way they looked and they finished out the place settings. At the shower someone mentioned that they were going to put an old magnet on the back and put it on their fridge and I loved that idea...and of course wish I had thought of it :)

The last activity we had was "late night diapers." I had seen this done at a few baby showers and it is such a great idea! Some really funny things get written or drawn on a diaper to make the new Mama laugh when she is up late night! I bought a canvas bin and put a tag on it. Then we had newborn diapers and Sharpies for people to be creative!

Amanda's sister took care of the cupcakes. She added nautical cupcake toppers to them and I thought they looked great.

My mom and I went in together on some additional gifts besides the decorations. I just loved the Moses basket and snagged that up right away before anyone else bought it! Then we filled it with some cute nautical themed things.

Here is my friend Amanda at the shower...

I think she really enjoyed the shower and she got some great things. She put together an amazing nursery that is worth showing off! This nursery belongs in a magazine and I love it. It almost makes me want another baby boy...What?? NO! I am totally kidding! I will spend a nice amount of time with her little guy in this nursery and get my baby fix and then go home :)

Amazing, right??

I am so happy with how the pictures look!

See the sailboat, whale and "No Wake Zone" on the shelf? I got her those too. I was going to use them as a decoration, but really didn't need them, so I put them in the Moses basket. I love how they look in the room. I found those on Etsy as well at BlocksofLove1.

I love how it all turned out, and I hope she did too!!

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  1. I can't say Thank You enough. I am so lucky, grateful and blessed to have a friend like you in my life. My little guy is so lucky to have an Auntie like you waiting to meet him and snuggle him. Friendships like we share are so hard to come by and I truly hope you know how much I love you and your family. Thank You for such a wonderful shower. xoxoxo


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