Summer Vacation Part 2: Camp

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This summer, we had a great week at "camp." This is not camping, but a home away from home! We rented a cabin on the lake with Mike's sister and her family. Spent the week relaxing, floating in the lake, eating, drinking and spending time with a whole lot of family. It was so much fun! Here are some pictures from our week!












Driving the boat with cousin Brad.

"Attempting" to water ski...

This is about as far up as I got before inhaling all the water in the lake (or so it felt like!)


The adults would go out and float on pool noodles, Owen would sit on a float and the big kids would use their lifejackets and swim or kayak around us. The white and blue buoy looking thing is a floating cooler...a floating cooler, does it get any more convenient??!! We would stay out there for hours just floating, laughing and having fun! 


We have gone to camp in the Woodland area of Maine a few times before because Mike has family there. It is great because we get a vacation while we spend time with Mike's extended family.
Every time we go north we head over to Eastport, ME for the best lobster rolls we have ever had at Quoddy Bay Lobster! This picture was from after lunch and another gorgeous view, although you can't tell in the picture with all the fog!
Lots of family time! Love when the kids get to hang out with all their cousins!


We would have loved to have more fires during the week, but the bugs were crazy at night. Here was one beautiful night!
And this was our view for a whole week! Could it get anymore relaxing and perfect??!!


We had a whole lot of fun!

Yay for vacation!

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