What I Ate Wednesdsay - Typical Tuesday!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#WIAW - Typical Tuesday Edition!
No surprises here...Breakfast was a whole wheat English muffin, with natural Peanut Butter, 1/2 banana and a drizzle of honey! My all time favorite breakfast, I don't know that I will ever get sick of this! Delicious and filling!
I don't always have a morning snack, but today I was feeling hungry and snacky (is that a word?)
Raspberries and a string cheese...
For lunch I had a Turkey sandwich on Oatmeal bread with Dijon mustard and spinach. Another typical lunch that I love. Quick and delicious!

After lunch I felt like having something crunchy and ate a bag of Veggie Straws. These are awesome! We recently bought the variety pack of these at BJ's. Oh my goodness, I love them all! Honey mustard flavored are my favorite, but today I went with Sea Salt!
And because I couldn't seem to stop eating today, a bit later, I had a couple slices of cantaloupe!
Then while I was cooking dinner, I got a little snacky (if I can use that word) again!
So I had some baby carrots and hummus.
Finally, dinner. Yum, Yum, Yummy! That is all I can say!
This was the first of my freezer meals for the crock pot. Check back tomorrow for the recipe, when I talk about how I did my first freezer meal session! This was Honey Garlic Chicken over Brown Rice Quinoa pasta (Trader Joe's) with Broccoli on the side. So Good! So filling! So Easy!
And Because I was taking a picture of my plate, the kids wanted me to take a picture of their plates...
I cut up their chicken and put their pasta on the side, because my kids don't like things "mixed" up, but they did eat the same dinner as us, their plate set up is just different!
After dinner we all had an Edy's Raspberry Outshine fruit bar. This was my first time eating one of these and I really liked it. It was sweet and tart which is a perfect combination in my mind, and they are big so I felt like I had a substantial dessert. This was the last thing I ate yesterday!
As I did this post, I felt like I ate quite a bit, more than I normally would, but I made some great choices when I was feeling "snacky," so I would say that it was a successful day! But my curiousity got to me and I wondered how many calories I actually had. I wanted to see if my good day, in my eyes, was actually a good day. So, I plugged it all into My Fitness Pal and came up with, not such a great day. It was kind of eye opening for me because, I would have thought that I stayed within my 1200-1400 range, but in actuality this day came in at 1,743. I could be estimating a little high when I put in the dinner recipe, but it is pretty darn close. This tells me that I need to be tracking every day.
I see a couple things that I could have done to save calories, I could have used a little less peanut butter on my English muffin in the morning. I could also have had just a half of a turkey sandwich to save that second piece of bread, especially since I had the veggie straws right after. Then a little less hummus and pasta and I probably would have been right where I should have been, and I probably would not have noticed a difference in my hunger!
So now I want to leave you with a couple of questions...
Do you track every day whether you are trying to lose weight or maintaining a weight? How did you make it a habit? I do it for a couple of days, like lots of other things, and then I start forgetting.
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Hope you have a great Wednesday! 




  1. Too many calories or not, at least the were all healthy calories and you weren't over because of a huge cupcake or butter laden rolls or sugary latte. I tend to track my food every few days to make sure I'm not going overboard. It's so easy to have a serving or two too many of nuts/nutbutter, pasta/rice, or sampling as I'm cooking, haha. Excited for that chicken recipe!

  2. Thanks Heather! I just finished up the post, it will be up in the morning! The chicken was delicious, hope others enjoyed it as much as we did!

  3. Honey garlic chicken sounds divine!!

    1. The recipe is up on todays post! http://sandylitcher.blogspot.com/2014/09/september-freezer-cooking.html

    2. Thanks!! Will definitely make this soon!


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