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Monday, September 1, 2014

Today I am linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals to show you what is on our project list. This list is looooonnng!! If you don't already know, we have a ranch that we will eventually be putting a second floor on to make it a colonial. About a year and a half ago we renovated to prepare the house for the second floor. We essentially gutted the whole house and we have a brand new kitchen, bathroom and living room. Our bedroom and the kids bedroom are in what will eventually be other rooms, a front entryway and the dining room. We got the house to the point where it is livable and then started living! Mike did 95% of the work on the house so it basically consumed his life. He needed a break and we needed him with us more!

As you can imagine there are still a ton of little things to do, there are some days I don't even notice these things, and then there are some days that I am cursing about them :)

We need finish the hardwood along the trim and in doorways. I am also noticing in this picture that we need to finish the trimming of the pocket door!

We don't have trim around windows, or on the floor, or the crown molding on the ceiling.  

We have bead board to put around the lower island walls and I need to finish our chairs, but I still haven't decided what color to make them?? I need to decide because this is a project for when the kids are in school this fall!

The list is really never ending! What we are currently working on is the basement. During renovations as you can imagine the garage and the basement were a dumping ground for things we didn't know what to do with. We are in desperate need for some additional organized space as we are crammed into our 900 square feet upstairs. So right now we are working on clearing out the basement and organizing what needs to be there. I am very happy with how it is turning out!
Mike built one wall to separate a space for me and the kids and his workshop for his tools. It took just a day and we had some separation and that pegboard is amazing for organization. I am still working on it obviously!
The top of the table is all the stuff I still have to go through, but look how good the left side looks...
Mike also has an office space down here and then we are clearing room for our new treadmill and the weight bench. In the end we will have storage space, a workshop, an office, an exercise space and an arts and crafts space for the kids. No, it's not pretty but useable and when you are busting out of your living space you will take whatever you can get!

Now for a fun project! I am getting ready to decorate for fall! It is September 1st!! Last year I picked up a few new fall decorations, but not much as we had just barely finished the house when it was fall. This year I hope to pick up some more fall items to decorate, but I also want to make a fall wreath. I have plans to do a little fall décor shopping with a friend and we are going to make a wreath together, so I am looking at some inspiration on Pinterest. Here are my favorite wreaths I have seen so far!

This one by far is my favorite and at the top of my list! Katie??

Source: Click here

Second, is a yarn wreath. These look pretty simple and the opportunities for colors to match the seasons really seem endless! If not this time, I will definitely be making one of these!
Source: Click here

If you want to check out some of the other wreaths that I liked, check them out on Pinterest below!

Follow Sandy Litcher's board Fall on Pinterest.

I am off to organize and enjoy our last day before school starts tomorrow! Enjoy your Labor Day!

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