WIAW: Back to School Edition

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Good morning!! For those of you that don't know, yesterday was the first day of school for my daughter. She is officially a third grader! I will post all about her first day tomorrow, but today I am going to show you what we ate!

So far, the kids haven't started school on the same day because Owen is in preschool and goes later. Once they are both starting on the same day we will need a new system, but right now, they get to choose the meal either the night before school starts or the night of and request a breakfast for the morning of. Olivia chose Hot Dogs and Macaroni and cheese for the night before and a green (her favorite color) breakfast for the morning.

So I made a green breakfast! Green pancakes and green grapes :)

The pancakes actually looked green in person, not so much in the picture!
First day of school lunch for Olivia included, Peanut butter sandwich, orange pepper strips, cantaloupe, Smartfood popcorn and a Rice Krispie treat that we made Monday afternoon!

Packed it all in her cute new lunch box!

I had some leftover pasta salad from dinner with a string cheese. Find the pasta salad recipe here.

For the after school snack, we always make cookies on the first day. This time we made Maple Butterscotch No Bake cookies from Mix and Match Mama. They were delicious, yes, I ate a few!

For dinner we surprised Olivia with plans to go out to dinner! The kids LOVE Bugaboo Creek, so we went there and it was great to not have to cook, just talk about the day and come home to a clean house! Although the kids were tired so I don't know that I would plan to eat out on the first day again.
The kids ate chicken tenders, fries and apple sauce.

I ate a Grilled Steak salad. It was yummy!

That's it! WIAW Back to School Edition! Next week Owen starts preschool, so I will let him choose breakfast that morning and dinner on the first day of school! Next week will be WIAW Preschool Back to School Edition :) Don't forget to check out Peas and Crayons for more food ideas from #WIAW. Also, come back here tomorrow to get the details on Olivia's first day of school!

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