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Friday, October 17, 2014


I just love thinking about my favorite things! Thank you Andrea and Erika for hosting such a fun link party! I promised I would not talk about my love of fall again, so today I am thinking outside the box for favorite things! There is no theme this week, just a random assortment of favorites :)

#1 Brown Nail Polish


I am loving this new brown color on my nails. It is Sally Hansen Manicure in a bottle. No base or top coat needed. I would say though that if you put a top coat on, it may last longer! The color is called, Branch Out. I never thought I would like a brown color on my nails, but this year I am really digging it!


#2 Trader Joe's Greeting Cards

Trader Joe's is one of my favorite places to go! I just love that place. I don't do my regular grocery shopping there, but I do go in on a regular basis for some staple items that we love from there. Whenever I go in, I take a peek at their card selection. They have such natural looking, beautiful cards and wait for it.....They are only $0.99!! You CAN NOT beat that for a card! You just can't! I have bought some as decoration and some for occasions. This past week, I bought three wedding cards there. All beautiful!  Here are a few of the ones I currently have around my house!

This one sits on my picture ledges right now, someday I will frame it and find a permanent place for it!
This is a favorite! Love, love, love the saying, the colors and the print. This one is just clipped up on my bulletin board over my desk, where I see it every day!

This is the one that I got Mike for our anniversary. The inside says "but ours is my favorite."

#3 Pinterest

Pinterest. Need I say more??!! I find so many ideas on Pinterest. Whenever I am looking for something I go to Pinterest first. Most recently, I am searching for Girl Scout ideas. I am one of the leaders of Olivia's Brownie troop and we are looking for kaper chart and journey ideas. I go onto Pinterest, search, and up comes tons of great ideas! How did I do anything creative before Pinterest? Have a Girl Scout yourself? Check out my board on Pinterest.

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Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Replies
    1. Aren't they? I stop and look for new ones every time I go to Trader Joe's!

  2. I specifically clicked on you to find out where I could purchase the Live Simply find out that it is a card that cost 99 cents and I can get it at Trader Joe's...???....ha, ha...fabulous.....thanks so much!!!!!

    1. Good luck finding it!! It will perfect framed!

  3. Love the print and so excited that I found your blog! Thanks for being so open and honest about your struggles. I sometimes think I am the only one out there with those same thoughts!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! You really made my day! My hope is that I can help others while trying to help myself. Your comment showed me that I have, because we are not alone even if sometimes we feel it! Have a great weekend!

  4. I've never been to Trader Joe's even though a new one opened up in our area last year. I need to get mu butt over there, even if it's just for those adorable cards! That brown nail polish is perfect for fall. I have used that all-in-one type and I do agree on adding a top coat to make it last longer!
    Stopping by from Friday Favorites!

  5. Visiting from Friday Favourites! Those cards are beautiful, if I ever get a chance to visit the states I think a trip to Trader Joe's will be high on my "must do" list! Pinterest is the best place to find ideas for Girl Guides/Scouts! I was a Brownie leader for a few years and had to give it up because my work conflicted with the meeting time but I miss it a whole bunch!


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