Litcher Moments

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I made it my goal this month to start taking more pictures. I have been really horrible at taking pictures lately. Unless it was something special, I was not taking out my camera. This month, I got some pictures of the small moments and here they are! 
A little snuggle time with my favorite boy!
A rare moment when the kids were getting along!
Cool kid waiting for his ride to swim!
Olivia was teaching Owen how to propose to someone. Cutest. Thing. Ever.
Baby snuggling!
College Roomies!
Date weekend with my hubby!
Making his own lunch!
Owen walking hand in hand with his favorite friend and the little lady he was practicing proposing to!
We were waiting in the car and decided to take a "selfie"
Halloween costume shopping with Cleopatra!
Making a cotton ball ghost! He did a great job!
Last soccer game!

Lots more baby snuggles!!
When Owen is tired and as he falls asleep he places his hands on his cheeks. It is the sweetest thing. I decided I needed a picture. You get the idea with this picture, but I am determined to get a better one!
Pretty lady!
Being silly!
Love to shop with my favorite girl!
This guy came from time out dressed like this. So, so hard to stay serious when he looks like this!
Mother/Daughter manicure night! Halloween nails!
Girl time!
Owen finally dared to swim on his own at lessons! The coach had to have his hands on him and then the last lesson he decided he was ready! So proud of him and look at his face...he is so proud of himself!
Litcher moments until next time! Have a great day!

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