October Freezer Cooking

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It is that time of month again! Freezer cooking time. I can not stress enough how much freezer meals have benefited my family. I feel like I did very little cooking this past month, and if you know me, you know that I loved it! We ate great meals with very little effort put in and we don't eat out anymore! If you aren't stocking your freezer with easy meals you should start...you won't regret it!

This month I did things a little different. You can read about last month here. I did all 21 meals in just over 3 hours on one day. These were mostly "dump" meals, meaning I didn't cook them, I just dumped them into the bags. Super easy! This month though, I want to make different kinds of meals and they aren't things that can really all be prepared on one day, it makes more sense to cook some of these meals for a nights meal, but double or triple it to freeze. So here is my list for the month....

Lasagna - 2 large & 3 small
Meatloaf x2
Chicken Noodle Soup x3
Sausage Broccoli and Cheese soup x2

I did the same as last month, made my meal plan, wrote out all ingredients, checked the cupboards for things I already had, and finally made a shopping list.
The first week in October I made...
Sausage Tortellini soup and we had it for dinner one night and froze two more dinners. This is a fabulous recipe that I got from Mix and Match Mama. We love this soup! Here is a picture...

Chicken Noodle soup which had for dinner one night and froze three more dinners. I have no recipe for this soup as it was just a verbal recipe from a friend. It was a lot of work, but made a TON of soup, so I won't be making it again for a long time!
Meatloaf - froze two full size meatloaves. Again I have no recipe, I used two of these packets...

The second week I made...
Sausage, broccoli and cheese soupWe had it for dinner the night I made it and froze two more dinners. This was a new recipe from Mix and Match Mama.
Lasagna -  The last few times I have made lasagna, I have used the Kraft Simply Lasagna recipe and I really like it. It is like the name states, simple to make and that is a plus for me. This time I made it with a mixture of ground beef and ground turkey. I made a few regular sized pans plus some loaf pan lasagnas. The loaf pans are just enough for each of us to have one piece of lasagna with no leftovers. Perfect for a quick, yummy meal when I don't want to eat lasagna for a week!
By October 19th, I froze an additional 14 meals! I still have meals left from my last freezer cooking session.  I can not say it enough, I love this! And month two it was already easier to make a plan! And, I remembered to write on the bags before adding food! Much easier!

Wonder how I keep track of what is in the freezer? I made a quick spreadsheet which I will share Thursday. Come back to see everything I have in my freezer!!

Want to see what I made in September? Click here.

Happy Tuesday!

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