WIAW - Monday and Freezer cooking!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Sooooo, I almost  have a full day of meals to show you! I forgot to take a picture of my dinner, but instead of last nights dinner, I will show you what we have been eating for dinner lately to add to my freezer!


I had a pumpkin bagel (delicious) toasted with a tablespoon of Promise!


I had my new obsession, Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup from Trader Joe's, with a new addition recommended by a reader, Pumpkin Croutons. Those croutons really take the soup to the next level...Yum!


I had planned to have crock pot chicken, but it was decided yesterday morning that Olivia would be having a friend for dinner, so I decided to make something a little more kid friendly and used some chicken tenders that I also had in the freezer for dinner instead. I served them with a side of fruit. Having all different dinners in the freezer has been a lifesaver!

The last two months I have done some freezer cooking. In September, I made 21 meals in 3 hours. In October, I have been making meals such as soups, lasagnas and meatloaf that can be cooked for a meal, but easily, doubled/tripled/quadrupled to freeze. Yesterday, I posted all about what I put in the freezer for October!

Want to see how I have a freezer full of dinners?
Click here for September!
Click here for October!


So, clearly my pumpkin addiction is continuing. If you read last weeks post, here, you know what I am talking about. My first snack was Pumpkin Cranberry crisps with a wedge of laughing cow cheese on them! YUM! This was recommended by a friend and they are just the perfect, filling, delicious snack! And you get 11-12 crackers for only 80 calories. It is a super hearty cracker so with the added cheese, I really didn't even need to eat the whole serving size.
Then after dinner, I had a bit of Pumpkin Ice Cream from Trader Joe's. Yes, the only meal that didn't include pumpkin was dinner...I clearly need a pumpkin dinner recipe. Or maybe, I don't?? :)
Don't forget to check out my freezer meals posts, you won't be disappointed if you give it a try!
Thanks Jenn for hosting!
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  1. I love pumpkin everything too! Espeically from trader joes!

    1. I know!! I can't wait to go back this week! My husband thinks I am out of control...and he is probably right :)


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