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Thursday, October 9, 2014

I am busy. During the week, I go from one thing to another...ALL.DAY.LONG. I have some things planned for the blog that I haven't had a chance to do, but I thought I would give you a list today. A list of what I have going on and what I have planned for the blog!

  • I am freezer cooking this week, but a little different than last month. I am cooking a few different days instead of just one. I made one Monday, Wednesday and today. Next week, I will make some more. Details and recipes to be posted by next week!
  • I am the Box Tops coordinator at Olivia's school this year. I have to clip and count every box top that comes into the school. I am working on them weekly so I feel pretty good about not waiting until the last minute, but it definitely is quite a bit of work! I am happy to do something for the school that I can do from home though. It works for me right now while Owen is still not in school full time.

  • I have started the Beachbody program PIYO and I love it! Timing is great, so far 36 minutes is the longest one. I can handle that! It is a no impact workout, but after, I feel all my muscles, but in a good way. I still need to do my measurements and I will do a PIYO update after I have finished the first month!
  • Olivia is taking 2 dance classes and is rehearsing for a winter ballet. I am at the dance studio three different times every week. Three times. She loves it, so I can't complain too much. I am trying to be productive during the classes, I bring box tops, a book or my tablet so that I can work on my blog.
  • I am reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand for book club this month and I am determined to finish it. I have been really bad about not getting through the whole book before we meet.
  • I am working on a grocery budgeting piece for the blog. I am gathering all of my September receipts and saving Octobers so that I can see how the bulk freezer cooking is affecting my budget, as well as a few other tweaks to the way I shop, which I will explain.
  • I am one of the leaders of Olivia's Girl Scout troop. We are having our first meeting in a week and a half. The leaders met one evening last week and planned the first few meetings. We split up all the tasks that we need to do and I am working on my list!

  • Tuesday, I went to my first mom's group at a friends church. I LOVED it! At the beginning of this blog I talked about my journey in regards to my faith, but have not said a lot about it since. I plan to talk a little bit about that in the next few weeks. I am still totally up in the air, but am hoping for some words of wisdom!
  • Last weekend, I had a bachelorette party and this weekend we are going to two weddings in two days in two different states. Yes you heard that correctly!
  • Tuesday, my friend Amanda, who I planned the baby shower for, (see the details here) had her baby boy. He is so squishable and cute and I need to find plenty of time to sit in that comfy rocking chair and snuggle him!

  • Last week, I worked in Owen's preschool classroom as a substitute for two of the three days he went and it was so much fun. The kids are just so cute! I am so glad to have the opportunity to help out.
  • I am working on a freezer inventory list that I will post really soon to keep track of what's in the freezer. Now that I am putting lots of stuff in the freezer it makes it much easier to know what is in there and it has made meal planning a cinch. Stay tuned!
  • Owen is taking a swim class and playing soccer. He loves soccer, but is just starting to warm up to swim.

  • I have decided that I get so busy that I don't take enough pictures. I need to start taking more pictures of my kids, my husband and of all them with me! I am going to start doing a weekly or biweekly post about "special moments." I am going to try to get in the habit of taking at least one picture each day,  and do a post where I show you my daily pics.
  • I just finished all the seasons of How I Met Your Mother, and now I need to catch up on the first few episodes of Parenthood from this season! Love these shows! And I have been able to catch Scandal each week so far. Love the new 9pm time slot! Thank you, ABC! Not going to lie though, I have still stayed up until 11pm watching the new show, How to Get Away with Murder.
  • So that's the list! Of course, along with all the usuals, grocery shopping, cleaning (I'll be honest there isn't a whole lot of that happening), laundry (which is never ending), errands, spending time with the kids and my husband (also not happening as much as it should), and finally, sleep :)

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