How the Jeans Fit Friday #11 and a bonus!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Another Double Duty post, because I have to show you my new favorite nail polish, but first let's talk about how the jeans fit, or more accurately what the scale says.

It wouldn't let me upload this photo once I turned it, so its sideways, sorry!
Last week: 200.0
This week: 198.2
- 1.8
I lost what I gained in week 10, and also lost another pound from my week 9 weigh in!

I had a great week! All except yesterday, but we'll get to that later. First we must see the good stuff!

The Good....
  • I stuck to the meal plan every day but one! I could have had a perfect week, but yesterday did not go as planned. I will take every day but one though, much better than the last few weeks :)
  • I tracked every day! It is getting easier to remember, still not fun, but eye opening and helpful!
  • I exercised on all the days I planned! I am planning to do the same days next week. This schedule worked out really well!
  • I got my steps in 2 out of the 4 days that I wore the fitbit! I still need to work on getting my steps in when I don't walk on the treadmill. Yesterday I was close when I went to bed, but not close enough that it warranted getting out of bed to walk around the house. Here are the good days...
  • I went to bed by 10:30pm every night and was up between 6-6:30am every morning. I am already feeling a difference in how I feel. I am already feeling more tired earlier in the night which means I don't think I will need melatonin for very long. I am also have incredibly productive mornings which is great!

The Bad and the Ugly....
  • It was such a great week, until yesterday. Yesterday, we went to the mall and ended up staying for lunch. What I thought wasn't a terrible choice for lunch, ended up being pretty much my daily calorie max, well that coupled with my eating Owen's leftover macaroni and cheese. Oh macaroni and I can not resist you. Then I forgot to start the crock pot when we got home from the mall until it was too late and we were without my planned dinner. It was our first night of Thursday night dance class and it gets out at 5:30, I had Owen with me, and they were tired and hungry so we hit the drive thru. I got a salad, so not a bad choice, but still not the plan. In the end it was an 1,800 calorie day. All because of one meal. Wow!
****If you want to look at the good though, due to tracking, I knew before I ate anything else that I was going to go over my calories. It allowed me to make choices for the rest of the day to try to keep from going over my calories as much as I would have, had I not known. Because I was weighing in today, I initially thought, oh gosh, I can't eat for the rest of the day :) Of course I would never do that!

The Plan....
  • Keep doing what I did this week! Tracking, meal planning and follow through, Exercise and most importantly going to bed early. If you missed it yesterday, you can hear all about why sleep is ranking quite high on my list of must do's, read it here.
What a great week! Want to check out the other 10 weeks? Click here.

Now my favorite, Friday Favorites!

We were having family pictures done last week and I ran out of the house without painting my nails. We ended up with some time to kill before our friend was meeting us, we had rushed into the car because once the kids were dressed and ready we wanted to confine them :) When I realized we would have some time, I made Mike stop at the drugstore so that I could run in and grab a nail polish. I then painted them quick in the car. I am so glad this happened though because my nails looked great and I LOVE the color. Click here to check it out closer.

I have redone my nails a few time since and I have worn this color each time! See it out on my nails...
If you have been reading this blog for a while you know how much I love ecards. So many of them make me laugh out loud, again and again. Yesterday at the mall, I was getting a Frozen calendar for my niece and saw this calendar. If I bought a calendar for my house, this would be my favorite....
Want to see some of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks?? Look at these cuties!

Want to see more? Check out Litcher Moments for some more favorite pictures and the stories behind them! Thanks Andrea from Momfessionals for hostings Friday Favorites!
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


  1. I looooooove my Fitbit Flex. I used to have the Fibit One, but after one accidental dump in the washing machine and then losing it for two or three or days, I'm all about wearing my Fitbit Flex as a bracelet!

    I haven't been walking as much as I like (35 weeks pregnant and I'm lucky if I can get up and down the stairs), but the Flex has been helping me track my night sleeps (both the good nights and the bad nights).

    Love your new nail polish color!

    1. I hadn't been wearing it for a while and I just started again this week. Just this morning I remembered that it also tracks sleep. I am going to bed earlier but want to see if I am getting good sleep!

      Oh I remember 35 weeks pregnant! Put your feet up, you deserve it! Only a few more weeks :)

  2. Love my jawbone! SImilar to the fitbit. THe only thing is that I forget to track my sleep!
    Great job with the weight monitoring… every little bit counts!

    XO sarita it's my girls' world


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