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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I was nominated by Marnie at Super Smart Mama to answer some questions and I happily obliged! In return, I would like to nominate some of my favorite bloggers!
Andrea @ Momfessionals

The Mustache Questions!
Four names that people call me, other than my real name (Sandra):
1. Mama
2. Mrs. Litcher (which still sounds funny to me!)
3. Sandy - pretty much everyone calls me this!
4. Ma'am - someone was trying to get my attention today at the store and said excuse me ma'am...really?? Am I a ma'am??

Four jobs that I have had: (this list could go on forever, I had a lot of jobs before kids!)
1. Mom
2. PT office manager
3. Administrative work in various doctors offices
4. Pharmacy technician

Four movies I have watched more than once:
1. Pretty Woman - all time favorite movie
2. Return to Me - not as well known as Pretty Woman but if you haven't seen it, you should! 
3. Sweet Home Alabama - Love Reese Witherspoon
4. The Princess Diaries series - I forgot I owned it and found it recently, Olivia and I are enjoying it now!
    Four books I'd recommend:
    1. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand - Read this for book club and I was so surprised to really have enjoyed it.
    2. Divergent series - I am waiting for the last book in the series from the library, but loved the first 2!
    3. These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauff - Oldie but Goodie
    4. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - Currently reading it and don't want to put it down!

    Four places I have lived:
    1. Portland, ME
    2. Rockland, ME
    3. Westbrook, ME
    4. Pawtucket, RI

    Four places I have visited:
    1. Bermuda
    2. New York City
    3. Delaware
    4. Hershey, PA

    Four places I'd rather be right now:
    1. On a beach somewhere warm! Feet in the sand, kids playing, warm water...aaahhhh!
    2. Cruising to Bermuda with the hubby, this is what we did on our honeymoon and hope to do it again someday!
    3. In a warm bed getting 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep! I am just being greedy, 8 would be fine!
    4. In a Jacuzzi tub with a glass of wine!

    Four things I don't eat:
    1. Raw fish
    2. Pea soup
    3. Hot peppers

    4. Jello - I hate the texture!

    Four of my favorite foods:
    1. Lasagna
    2. Shrimp scampi
    3. Ice cream
    4. Cheesecake

    Four TV shows that I watch:
    1. The Blacklist
    2. Parenthood
    3. Scandal

    4. Home Improvement shows - Loving Property Brothers right now, while I am on the treadmill, keeps me on until the end because I have to see the reveal!

    Four Things I Am Looking Forward to in the Upcoming Year:
    1. Getting in shape and losing weight
    2. Olivia's dance recital - she will be in two dances and I love to watch her get on stage! Proud moments!
    3. Summer - I know winter has barely started but I really prefer summer :)
    4. Next fall when both kiddos are in school! Although I will miss my little buddy, I am looking forward to what the next chapter brings!

    Four Things I'm Always Saying:
    1. "Go to the bathroom" - My kids are always doing the potty dance!
    2. "Can I have some privacy??" There is no concept of privacy in this house!
    3. "Hurry up, quick, we are going to be late!" In the morning my kids can make something that takes 2 minutes take 10...we are always late!
    4. "I can't wait for an upstairs!" We are planning on putting a second floor on our house and right now we are in pretty tight quarters, so I must wish for my upstairs at least once a week, but probably more than that!

    What's your favorite question from above?  Pick one and answer it!  I'd love to learn something fun about you!


    1. My son is three-and-a-half and I am constantly telling him to go to the potty. He always insists he doesn't need to go, so I have to give him incentive, and almost always, it turns out he does have to go to the bathroom.

      1. It is so annoying, both my kids wait until the last minute. I can't understand it. My husband and I always say we can't understand how they would rather dance around uncomfortable than just go to the bathroom!! Ha!


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