Litcher Moments #2

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Now that I started this, I am taking way more pictures and I love it! With that being said, I am going to have to do this Litcher Moments post a lot more often because there are a lot of pictures! Loving all the memories!

This cool dude went to the dentist! This was his second time, he did great! He talked his hygenists ear off for the first few minutes and Mike could hear him clearly in the room down the hall where he was getting his teeth cleaned as well. Needless to say everyone thought he was just the cutest!


I got to observe at swim on the last week! He did great!

Olivia was striking a pose after a Fashionista birthday party she went to. She loved it!
We had a little fun in the leaves! I just love fall pictures!

Carving pumpkins! Daddy hard at work...
The kids working hard!

Mike's work of art. Star Wars Stormtrooper, pretty impressive!

Olivia's "dude" pumpkin wearing headphones!

My Bat!

Owen's face! He was so proud of himself when he got the first piece out! He worked so hard on those eyes and mouth, he wasn't up for a mouth, but he loved it just the way it was!

This was my night one night at the end of October. Packaging all the box tops for submission!
I got to observe Olivia's ballet class!
Love these moments!

The first morning it snowed, Owen thought it was Christmas literally and because he was so happy! He put on his "winter" clothes which consisted of a heavy sweatshirt and Olivia's cowboy boots :)

Then he asked if he could just go run around the yard one time! So I said of course and grabbed a picture! He is so darn cute!

Some glow glasses we got at Halloween!

Observing Olivia's acro class. Imagine that kind of flexibility??!

3rd Grade school picture! Beautiful girl!

Our scrapbook weekend was a cruise theme! Here we are "on the boat"

Oh mom!

Setting up clothes for family pictures!

A little selfie before pictures! She put on a little lip gloss, just like mom!

On the lookout with his "binoculars!"
Oh I despise you....keepin' it real
More snow...this time called for real winter clothes and clearly we need some new snow pants. My little man is growing!

I love my dog, but he drives me crazy probably  more than I enjoy him. This night was different though. I couldn't resist when he came up on the couch and wanted to snuggle! He is so cute and cuddly! Look at this face!

That's it for now! Some of these moments made me laugh and it has only been a few weeks. I can't wait to go back years from now and read through these!
Come on back tomorrow for WIAW, Thursday for Get some more ZZZZZ's and Friday for How the Jeans Fit Friday and a Favorite!
Have a great Tuesday everyone! 

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