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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I have been having some cravings lately, not necessarily bad ones, but cravings none the less...


Great craving to have, right??
Some salads, I have had lately....
Olive Garden salad, my absolute favorite! Soup, salad and breadsticks, hold the soup and breadsticks :) or at least that's how I felt this weekend when I was away and we had this for lunch! Delicious!
One day this week, I made a Fresh Express southwest salad mix and added some chicken breast to it.
 It was good, but not great. I love the salad, but wasn't a huge fan of the chicken in. I probably wouldn't do that again, so today, I tried a different combination. Baby Romaine, beets, goat cheese and chicken with olive oil and white balsamic vinegar. I enjoyed it, but still not the combination I want or need :) I will try something else tomorrow!


I am trying to lay off the pumpkin, because Mike might be right and I might be overdoing it, but so far I am not successful. Pumpkin bagels are still happening in the morning, I love the Pumpkin Cranberry crisps and finally the Pumpkin ice cream with a little bit of whipped cream!



I need it! I bought it and I need to make something with it! I am craving it in a bad way! I think I might need to coat some of my homemade chicken tenders that are in the freezer with it and throw it on a salad, that would seriously round out the cravings. Just add some pumpkin ice cream for dessert...Perfect meal! Got a good recipe using Buffalo Sauce?? I would love to see it!


I always crave sweets, so I occasionally pick up something at the store that I think will help with this. This week I picked up Plum Sweets. I tried them and liked them, but was wishing for a little more plum flavor. If you are craving chocolate this would do the trick and you sort of feel like you are eating fruit as well, that never hurts!
Linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons today!
After my weekend away, I was super busy and didn't blog Monday or Tuesday this week. Tomorrow, I will post my meal plan and Friday will be How the Jeans Fit Friday! If you missed last week click here!



  1. Olive Garden's soup, salad & breadsticks are so good. Earlier in my pregnancy I went through a phase where I HAD to eat it at least once a week. Leftovers were always just as delicious!

  2. I love the Olive Garden salad and breadsticks! I go there for the salad & breadsticks (not so much the pasta!) Now I'm craving it!

  3. Oh man. I love buffalo sauce on chicken. I've had it on pulled chicken on a sandwich or on a chicken breast over salad. Now you're making me crave it. :)

    1. I made the buffalo chicken salad for dinner tonight!! Totally hit the spot!


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