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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Good morning! Yesterday was an interesting day in the eating department. Mike was off and the kids were at school in the morning so we went out to breakfast. A little morning date!

I had a veggie omelet with cheddar cheese, grilled homefries with onions and a grilled English muffin. It was delicious!

When the kids got out of school, we decided to take them out to lunch so we went to Applebees. We had some sweet potato fries as an appetizer and then I had a house salad with French onion soup without the bread. It was all really good and pretty good choices.

I made good choices at breakfast and for my main meal for lunch, but I did treat myself. I had one of these...
Sangria Martini

Then I decided to get dessert with everyone else and had an oreo cookie shake...probably not the best choice. I did not drink it all, but the calories on that, which I looked up after, were over the top. Not necessary at all. Oh well, live and learn. I enjoyed it, but felt bad about it after. Tomorrow is a new day!

For dinner, I ate some cashews, a few Triscuits and a string cheese. I wasn't hungry after our big lunch. So, I just picked at a few things.

Finally, I had some herbal tea before bed! I talked about my favorite nighttime tea on Monday, here.

Last night I was making my shopping list, because I am one of those crazy people that is going to the grocery store today to get all my supplies for the things I am cooking on Thursday. I always wait until the last minute! Anyway, I am in charge of making a veggie tray, a broccoli and cheese casserole, crescent rolls, cranberry sauce and an apple pie. Veggie tray, crescent rolls and cranberry sauce, no biggie. Mike is in charge of the apple pie and I need a recipe for the broccoli and cheese casserole.

My grandmother used to make it and I LOVE it and my cousin that is coming for Thanksgiving also loves it. I don't remember her recipe, but know that it involved velveeta cheese. As much as I loved it, I was trying to find something a bit more on the healthier side. So I looked up some recipes and found one on the blog Add a Pinch. Sounds delicious and looks the same as the one I am used to having, so I think I am going try that recipe! Check it out here. Anyone else make a broccoli and cheese casserole that would like to pass on their recipe?? I would love to hear it!

Linking up today with Jenn from Peas and Crayons for WIAW! Can't wait to get on and see what others are cooking up this week! Hoping to get some good ideas!  

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

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  1. Applebees is one of the few chain restaurants that have awesome salads! I can't recall ever being let down after eating one.

    Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


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