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Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Favorites! I love doing this post! I love putting something on or using something during the week and thinking, "Oh I need a picture, because this is a favorite and I know others will love this!"

That is exactly what I said when I put on my new nail polish on Tuesday night. Check out this color...

Love it! It is a perfect any time color, but especially right now at Christmas time! I am going to be wearing this color until the new year for sure. I was thinking I might put some gold or silver glitter polish over it on my ring finger starting next week!

Ruffian Red

I got this nail polish from another one of my very favorite things, my Birchbox! I just love getting my box in the mail every month. This month I got such a great box.

This was the special Lo Bosworth box that I chose to get and I am so glad I did. I got 7 samples this month! Interested in trying out Birchbox? Click here.

Finally, we are only 6 days away from my favorite holiday!

I used to get so excited as a kid, unable to sleep Christmas eve and now I am the same way, but now it is because I am so excited to see my kids in the morning. Their excitement is contagious and I just can't get enough of it.

Last night we were spontaneous and decided to drive around and look at Christmas lights (in our PJ's of course)! This is a tradition every year, but we hadn't gotten a chance yet this year. The kids and I took these selfies in the car when Mike ran into the store on the way home! Everyone was getting a little sleepy and silly! This tradition is one of my favorite things we do during the holiday season!

If you missed it yesterday, I posted some of my favorite family photos from our photo shoot.
Click here to see more!
That's all I have for today! We have lots going on this weekend. All fun stuff that I am looking forward to! Everyone in my house has been sick this week and today I woke up feeling like I might be getting it. I am praying and crossing my fingers that I can keep it away, because I don't want to miss the fun this weekend. But, I am looking at the positive and I am just thankful that this sickness struck this week instead of next week!
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Have a great weekend!!


  1. Pretty nail polish!
    We are doing christmas lights driving in our pj's tomorrow. Can't wait :) After a full day of shopping, I'll need it!


  2. My nails never look that good after I'm done Guess you could say I paint like a 5 yr old. Hah!

    BTW- All your family photos turned out gorgeous!

  3. Found your blog through the link up. Love that polish color!!!!!!

    1. Isn't it great!! And I have been wearing it over a week and there is a little wear along the tips of my nails, but no chipping! I already bought the full size. I love it!


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