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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I just LOVE Paint Nite! I love to be creative and I love to hang out with my friends and this is the perfect combination of both!

Last night was my third paint nite and my favorite of all my paintings. I love that it was a holiday theme and I did a little personalization for my family too! It went right up on the wall and will come out year after year!

My snowman's hat got a little out of control during painting, but I was able to fix it enough that it didn't look too ridiculous! Looking at it now, I still wish I would have made it a little smaller, but believe me, I should have taken a picture of the before...I was laughing so hard and the girl next to me that didn't even know me, was laughing hysterically, it looked so funny!!
I came home and put it right on the wall in the hallway above the stockings...
As much as I love coming home with a painting, I love spending time with my friends! I have enjoyed myself each time I have gone with different friends and it has been wonderful! Last night I went with one of my dearest friends, Tamson and we decided that this needs to be done seasonally! We can't get enough!  Here we are with our finished product!
Here are some pics from my last two paint nites!

Grab a friend and get creative, you will love it!!
Have a great Tuesday!  

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